Evening Kittens

I fed the Mother cat tonight and her kittens came out to play. They are a bit nervous, but so long as I stayed still they were happy enough. I took more footage than this, but haven’t watched it all or edited it.

17 thoughts on “Evening Kittens

    • Keep your fingers crossed. Think their situation could be quite precarious. As they are getting bigger and have not been handled and the mother will not want them soon, we really need a way of catching them and socialising them.

  1. So adorable and I really, really hope they can be adopted. I had a feral cat once who would come and go. Never totally tame (I think she let me pet her once), but I was able to get her fixed and fed her for a few years before she left again. At night she would sleep in my garage. Just don’t have the space now to help. Someday I would love to have a place for kitties to live.

    • I realise the binmen will have been today and that must have been pretty hellish for the kittens. I wonder maybe if the mother may have moved them again. When I go to tempt MasterB in I shall see if they are around. I must admit I do not feel terribly hopeful for their futures. i hope I am wrong.

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