Cat in Crisis

I don’t know what to do. I have left messages with rescue centres, one of them Battersea, but I think the animal I am calling about may be dead already. Or worse, seriously injured and in pain. How could it survive? I saw it from the bus as it went round the busy Elephant and Castle roundabout when I was on my way home an hour ago. A large fluffy full grown ginger, sniffing for food between the underground exit and the sweet shop.
I looked in disbelief, wondering for a few hopeful moments if it belonged to the sweet shop people. But I don’t think it did. One woman walking by, stopped for a moment and then walked on.
The Elephant is one of the busiest traffic junctions in London. Goodness knows how many buses go through there every day.
How this cat came to be out and about there alone I dread to think. Yet of course I am thinking and already blaming an imaginary heartless person who has dumped it, but maybe it has just wandered and it’s owners are out of their minds with worry.


11 thoughts on “Cat in Crisis

  1. Oh Isobel……it sounds like you’ve done all you can – maybe by now the cat has found his home or someone who lost it has rescued it. It’s sad to see that – especially when the animal is distressed or hungry or injured. Bless you for caring….


    • I went back with the cat basket but there was no sign of it. However, as I didn’t see a ginger body, I am hopeful it is safe. There are lots of places it could hide, and it may have got into the tube station. I was hoping when I asked staff about it that they were going to say it was the station cat, all snug now in the office, but they didn’t know anything about it. I did put out a tweet asking if anyone had found it.

  2. Oye. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, think good thoughts. I think you’ve done what you can, but I sure hope that cat makes it to a safer destination soon.

    (Just read your response to Pam – I’m going to take that as good news.)

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