Enough of Sad Tales

Enough of sad tales of cats or kings. Tonight, look at one happy cat, MasterB, pictured here in the garden, his demesne.

Round eyed and happy

True he will be happier when the mother cat and her kittens have gone. She doesn’t quite attack him with a rolling pin, but she certainly manages to intimidate him.

Today seems to have brought a few decisions. One of the kittens may be destined for a home in a neighbour’s flat. Plans are being hatched to capture and socialise the others, have the mother neutered, and someone has tentively offered her a home.

Now for an early night.

15 thoughts on “Enough of Sad Tales

  1. It sounds very promising. Somebody I know is actively involved in fostering cats and kittens. She frequently says there is help available for neutering. I can try to see whether this is available nationwide if you would like?

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