All Friends Now

Does it sound silly to say I was so pleased my cat liked my friends on sight?
He did, I am.
This picture probably tells you all you need to know. He was happy.

Happy Tail

Happy Tail

After a couple of moments unceratinty as we greeted and hugged while he looked on from the flowerbed, he came forward, a confident host. He curled himself around their legs as though he had known them for ever.
By this evening when Sue and I ate in the garden he was making as free with her personal space as he does with mine.
Maybe he knows it is because of her that he is here.
Tomorrow another friend arrives with the same friend doing airport duty. Will he meet the challenge?
Now to get him inside. It has been a long day, and I am cream crackered.
sweet dreams.

I have just seen this week’s photo challenge, and my boy’s tail would seem to say it all: carefree!


23 thoughts on “All Friends Now

  1. It looks like the photo almost never happened. it looks like the end of the tail. how does the rest of the story go. Just kidding – very different and creates different ideas in ones head. Good photo – thought provoking.

    • ‘The end of the tail…’ :)?
      Actually it is almost the whole tail!
      Just about everything is wrong with this photo, and it certainly isn’t the one I meant to take, but his tail is so clear an indication of how confident and happy he is feeling, that I like it.

      • I wasn’t criticizing your photo. I had never seen a photo with just a cats tail. I thought you may have been trying to say something like this is the end of the story. I thought what a neat way of expressing it.

        • Thanks! No I liked your pun, I didn’t think you were being negative. But it is not a great photo. 🙂 however, it works for me, and it sounds like it does for you too!

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