It is today. I woke up early, well short of my eight hours. MasterB tucked at the t-shirt I slept in, miaowed, demanded out.
The milk was off, though well short of its use by date. I didn’t fancy black coffee. I shall have to wait. I read a poem by Rebecca Goss called Birth. It is in the review section of last Saturday’s Guardian. I cried. Then I made a list: eggs, bread, milk, cottage cheese. Another: washing, take magazines to GP, send card, write invoice.
Maybe later I can have a nap.

This afternoon my friend Sue arrives from Houston. It is years since we have seen each other. Another friend is collecting her from the airport. “I feel so excited” she texted, “like being fifteen again.”
We had hoped to picnic in the garden but the weather is uncertain.
Another, unrelated, drama is going on. All the kittens and their mother are captured and in a large dog crate with one of my neighbours. That’s good, but it brings its own problems, not least that the neighbour is about to go to her native Brazil for a month.
Texts are zinging backwards and forwards. We’re hoping a shelter will be able to take them if a vacancy becomes available.
I think I’d better get the washing sorted.

13 thoughts on “Today

  1. Excellent that you’ve caught the whole family, and I’m wishing for a place at a rehoming centre to open up for you.

    I hope you get through your list and have that nap before you have a wonderful catch up with Sue 😀

  2. It’s grand that the whole family has been captured and is safe but surely she had some kind of “plan” for what to do with them when she went to Brazil? Well, enjoy your visit with your friend – that will be a lot of fun….


    • The most important thing was to catch them so we start getting them used to everyday sounds in flats could tell rehoming centres we have them. She has had the most contact with the kittens and they trust her. Getting people to take them in is very difficult. Now we plan to split them up. The Cattery has lent us a second crate, and the neighbour who wants one kitten is going to look after two until a home is found. We think we have a home for the mother, but the person who wants her already has a cat and a dog so it may not work out.

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