Back from the Vet’s

We’re home and we’ve eaten. One of us had a mouthful, if that, of Sensitive Control, the other a largish meal rounded off with apple crumble. I’ll leave you to guess who ate what.
MasterB is looking a bit brighter I think. He had quite a raised temperature, so received three injections; one to lower the temperature, one to stop him feeling sick, and one of penicillin to fight whatever might be going on. He has a shaved patch by his neck as the vet took blood samples too. Just in case.
Tomorrow we go back and she will see if he is any better. As she said, he was rather floppy. He wanted to stay outside when we got back, but I soon brought him in, and he’s made himself comfortable on the sofa.

The vet doesn’t know what it is. She says that’s not unusual. She is treating the symptoms and hopefully, he should get better without the blood being tested to find out what the cause is.
I had started to worry that he had swallowed something and had an obstruction,but she felt his tummy thoroughly, said it was all relaxed, and also obstructions don’t generally cause raised temperatures.
With luck, and general underlying good health, he may wake up in the morning with his usual bounce restored.
I hope so anyway.


30 thoughts on “Back from the Vet’s

  1. Poor Master B. I hope he’s feeling less floppy soon.

    When pets are sick are the rare times that I wish they could speak the same language, and tell us exactly what’s going on.

    • He is improving. the vet was content not to go ahead with blood tests though the samples are at the lab. Saves a few bob, so that’s nice. he had another injection to stop him feeling sick, and has a course of penicillin. He has gone outside, but he is lacking in energy. He has eaten a little. So that is good.

  2. three cheers for MasterB! it is tough when they are not feeling well, isn’t it? they can’t tell you what’s wrong. but even as i write these words, it is good to know he is already well on the way to getting his bounce back. 🙂

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