Sick Cat

MasterB is booked in to see the vet tonight. The ginger ninja has lost his mojo and is not a happy boy. It seems to be a stomach problem. Lots of effort and then some not very healthy results in the litter tray.
He had already gone back to bed by the time I left for work this morning. Fortunately I am working from home this afternoon as he is a needy boy now who wants to be close by me. He’s off his food, and wants to sleep.
His nose is pink and cold, so I am hoping it isn’t’t serious. When he was ill before he seemed to age before my eyes, his coat taking on a dull staring quality. That hasn’t happened this time.
I’ll be glad when we get to the vet’s.

22 thoughts on “Sick Cat

  1. Isobel I will be glad when you get to the vet! And I am happy he has you home, that was a good happening. Fingers crossed. He probably does have a little tummy ache. He will probably be feeling his ninja self by the time it is time for his appointment!

  2. The red cat (who I blogged about) who I took to the vets on the bus is now very ill again. His heart trouble, which was seen to then, has really caught up with him, same as fluid on his lungs too, and we fear that there’s no way back for Rupert now. It’s been an ordeal getting him to eat the past few weeks and he’s lost so much weight and stopped altogether now, it seems. I know the joy of health picking up after a visit from the vets so I hope you get that soon.

    • Poor Rupert. Cat died from heart failure, and in the months preceding his death his heart was enlarged and his lungs had something unspecified in them too. However, apart from the odd day when he was rather quiet and two very scary turns, one just before he died, he enjoyed a good quality of life to the ned. I hope the same will be true for Rupert.

  3. I sure hope he’s better as the day goes forward Isobel…..I think Pix may be right about him just being a bit off and feeling not so great. Sam’s system is a bit “delicate” and it doesn’t take much to cause him to have issues for a day or two but he bounces right back and I bet MasterB will do the same. I’m glad you’re booked for a vet visit though….never hurts to be sure!


  4. hope he gets well, am keeping an album on facebook of cute animals, and i hope to get your cutest picture of masterB, please give me a link of what you think is the best 🙂
    and if i could get Cat’s cutest one too, i would appreciate it 🙂

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