Normal Service is Being Resumed

He’s not the full ninja yet, but it won’t be long.
He was alone all day, shut in the flat, so that must have meant a good lot of sleep. The toys weren’t displaced as they often are, so it seems he didn’t do a lot. No nasty surprises in the litter tray or elsewhere, but he didn’t want to go out.

Long Arm

Long Arm

Eventually I persauded him. Tough love. But I sat outside too, and he lay beside my feet, then came to greet my friend Celia who joined me. We’re going to walk in Kent on Saturday. Walk and collect, we hope, lots and lots of lovely blackberries.
While we sat and talked, MasterB let Celia know he wanted her attention, then he spied something at the far end of the garden and was off on the hunt. Lovely to see him at full stretch again. He returned to us as we checked train times, and came inside with me when Celia left. But now it’s night and he is out again. Tomorrow’s penicillin tablets may not be so easy to get inside him.
Hurrah, my boy is well again!

20 thoughts on “Normal Service is Being Resumed

  1. It’s good to hear/read that he’s regaining health. So worrisome when the vet can’t say what it is. My first cat, Hadassah [RIP], got like that once too. She’s lost a lot of fluids and was dehydrated. He gave her some shots, and pretty soon she was back to her normal self. I was younger then, she was my first cat, and I was a bit hysterical … called the vet at home 10 o’clock at night 😉

    • Well, the vet said she would treat the symptons. At the same time should took bloods and sent them to the lab in case he didn’t respond. Blood analysis is very expensive, so she wasn’t going to ask for it to be done if he started to get better. He wasn’t dehydrated at all.
      The vet managed me quite well I think. She didn’t say anything about how serious it might be, sent him home with me knowing I would keep a close eye on him, but as she wanted to see him the next day I realised she was concerned. I don’t have her home number!

    • Yes it is. As the vet has continued to check with me how he is I am appreciating how concerned she was. His blood samples are still on standby to be tested if he has a relapse. I thought he just had an upset tum.

  2. summer has been crazy-busy, and other than posting a bit here and there, i have obviously been missing something. glad to hear that it’s good news today! three cheers for MasterB!!

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