The Latest Health Bulletin

He’s increasingly bright-eyed and bushy tailed. though not quite ready to play chess yet.
Chess Piece Cat
This morning started with some bouncing on the bed to get me up, then chasing a squirrel down the street.
Now he is having a rest before the next burst of ninjaing.




24 thoughts on “The Latest Health Bulletin

  1. Healthy nose, eyes and ears from here. looks to be back to perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfecto self. Projection is telling in dogs and cats, not sure about chickens though.

    • I think chickens can look very sad. They lean, separate themselves from the others, forget to peck…
      He has been asleep for a few hours now, so I suspect he’ll be raring to go shortly. The penicillin will be finished by the end of Tuesday.

    • Last might he was vociferously defending his territory from the large black and white. I rushed out before there were any blows exchanged. The vet’s bills are quite high enough for one month.

      Thanks for the compliment about e photos. I use them in cards and calendars.

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