A Walk Missed and A Walk Taken

I was so pleased to get out and about walking last Saturday as that it was one of the things I had been looking forward to doing with Sue when she visited in August. It didn’t happen for reasons I hadn’t anticipated, and the non walk nagged and snagged at my thoughts. You know how it is when you have really been looking forward to doing something? The way in your mind you can feel the boots on your feet, see the greenery around you, smell the air, touch the bricks on the chapel you planned to visit, enjoy your companion’s enjoyment?
So not walking left a gap that felt like an unfulfilled promise.
Saturday’s walk was in Kent and with Sue, we had planned to walk in Surrey, taking in Compton with its lovely Watts’ Chapel.
Never mind, I’ll go there again another time. It’s usually a great place to see bluebells.
But there is something about walking that is good for the soul. Your body starts to move into a natural rhythm; thoughts can meander and percolate. I remember Mother laughing when she saw me hit my stride one day on a walk. It feels joyous, every part of your body working in harmony moving you over the earth.
And you see things.

I hope Celia didn’t mind me having my camera on Saturday. it was only my little Olympus that i can attach to my belt. But I did take quite a few photos.

6 thoughts on “A Walk Missed and A Walk Taken

    • Autumn has arrived here with great speed. One day it was still summer, the next I was putting on socks and closing windows. But walking is a consolation isn’t it? My local Ramblers’ group is doing one I should love to join in a couple of weeks, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it alas.
      Nothing so good as coming home, ruddy and muddy, enjoying a hot bath and a glass of red wine!

  1. I don’t walk as often as I’d like which is crazy considering where I live. This looks a nice one, what lovely things we see with a photographers eye, the petrol pump is amazing.

    • I used to walk a lot, now fairly rarely. It is one of the things that may change now that Mother has died. While she was frail, if I had a spare weekend I would head off to see her. So a double edged pleasure.
      It is nice to have a pocket sized camera for these walks, especially one as reliable as my Olympus. 🙂
      What boots do you favour? Not all walking groups welcome dogs which seems a shame.

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