Duck and Bell

This belongs to a very nice man called Geoff who lives in the village of Reach. He chatted to me for quite a while.

Duck and Bell

Duck and Bell

He pointed out where the post office had been, and two pubs, the White Swan and the White Horse. All three are now private houses. He confirmed that villagers had got together to buy the remaining pub when its owner had problems; ‘woman trouble’ he said.
Dyke's End, Reach

Dyke’s End, Reach

Thank goodness they did. It’s fab.


8 thoughts on “Duck and Bell

  1. Things do continue to change. We try to hang on and keep buildings the same but there is constant change all the same. A woman in London told me that she likes to see some preservation but also welcomes the new and modern – she said it becomes a part of history also. Moderation in all things. A wonderful photo of the duck and bell.

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