Feline Estate Agent

I’m guessing he looked something like this:

Looking Up

Looking Up

My new neighbours saw him in the garden gazing up into a tree. They tell me that was when they decided to take the flat opposite. Last night they asked if they could give him treats (no, he’s too chunky) after meeting him on the landing at the weekend. He isn’t so sure yet. A bit of growling when they knocked on my door, then hiding behind my knees when we were talking.
It’ll take a little while I guess, but no doubt he’ll be on their new sofa before soon, or inveigling them to play with him. As the cattery said, he’s too nosey to be shy for long. Monday evening he sat outside their door listening while they talked.
Meanwhile I am wondering if I can put this new unexpected skill of his as an estate agent to use to help out with the finances. It’d be great if he made a contribution to the budget.


10 thoughts on “Feline Estate Agent

  1. HA! Well, he certainly seems to have sealed the deal with the new neighbors. I can understand why – they couldn’t resist that face and all that gingerness…..at least you know they like cats and intend to be “friends” with him. You’re right – before long he’ll be disappearing into their home for naps and treats. He’s a charmer alright!


    • And tonight I need to make a cd of some photos of him for a toddler who is a big fan. She and her dad look for him every day. He’s moving into Cat’s role in educating children to love animals nicely.

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