Poo on the Pavement and Thinking Things Through

It was a good end to the day which had begun with MasterB not understanding about weekends and insisting I get up to let him out. Someone had had a poo on the pavement, just by our gates. Yuk. In case you are wondering g how I knew it was human poo and thinking it was a large dog or other ravening beast roaming south London, humans are the only animals I know who try to wipe themselves. This one had left the wipes too. The vomit at the other end of the street seemed quite acceptable in comparison.
Say what you want about foxes screaming, ripping open bin bags, about squirrels eating things in the garden you have carefully planted, even rats chomping through your lovely vegetables, human beings are the most disrespectful of environments, and the dirtiest species in this world. Its presence and what to do about it distracted me from from thinking about whether of not I want to pursue a BA in creative writing.
Fortunately, in the evening, my good friend Octavia and her lovely houseguest Loris, whose art exhibition, Contemporary Australian Landscapes, opens today at the Menier gallery, helped me get my head clearer around tonight’s interview.
So, I am going to the interview with a clutch of questions, and a whole further raft of possibilities floating around my head.
To cut the suspense any of you might feel, the BA is looking unlikely at this minute. That does not, however, mean I intend to abandon writing.

21 thoughts on “Poo on the Pavement and Thinking Things Through

  1. Ick. I don’t think in all my soon to be 62 years have I found anything like that. I can’t imagine.
    I am certainly happy you do not intend to abandon writing. That would be beyond sad. I love your words Isobel!

    • I called the council. I was told it would be cleared in 24 hours which struck me as rather too long, but the man said it would probably be done quicker. Home tonight to find the council hasn’t come. Called again. This time I was told the response time was 48 hours which I found unbelievable. Cross-examined the man on the ‘phone who explained they don’t have a category for human excrement. He is going to speak to his team leader about getting this changed.

  2. Absolutely *do not* abandon writing! It’s something that must be done, whether it’s shared or not.

    The council’s response is lamentable. They don’t have a “category” for human excrement? I daresay they would find one and clear it up very quickly and efficiently if it was the Leader of the Council ringing about some excrement left in his gateway!

  3. One of our top local news storys (local paper) was a woman looked out of her window to find a man deficating in her garden. I think he was described as having a shark teeth necklace. Just shows what goes on.

  4. Quite a few years ago, I did IT support at a bank. Somebody, who apparently wasn’t happy with what the tellers told him, left the public area of the bank, walked up two flights of stairs and left a deposit on the landing, of the same variety that you have out front. If I recall correctly, the bank eventually called in a disaster recovery company to clean it up. Meanwhile, I don’t think that creaky old elevator had ever seen as much activity as it did that day.

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