Excitement, Excrement and Early Nights

Last night I sloped off to bed just after half past eight. Thinking about courses, and phoning the council seemed to have taken up an awful lot of my day.
Because the excrement saga continued.
It was still there when I got home. This was after the 48 hour response time was up. A voice at the end of the line said he would try to get it sorted by the end of the day. Not good enough I said. I wanted a guarantee someone would come out. He couldn’t give one, not working in the same office as the street cleaning people. He put me onto his supervisor. She was horrified at my story, confirmed there is no category for human excrement, and that my call had been logged as a complaint about dog waste.
She promised to call the street cleaning department herself. She called back within the hour to say she had not been able to speak to anyone but she would continue to try. She has children and is appalled that they could walk through human waste on a street.

I had to go out.
When I came back she had left me a message to say it would be cleared ‘this afternoon’. By now it had reached a point of the day I would call evening. I called back for some clarification. It seems the council’s afternoons are longer than mine.
However, afternoon was definitely over, we were even heading by my reckoning into night, and still the pavement had not been cleaned.
I emailed my local councillor. It didn’t get the street cleaned last night, but it did make me feel better.
I’d had quite enough conversations about someone else’s evacuations. I wanted to read my book and have an early night.


4 thoughts on “Excitement, Excrement and Early Nights

  1. Let’s hope that disgusting mess has been cleared up by now…..when reading your post I thought “Isobel found a sympathetic ear!” but apparently even Miss Sympathetic couldn’t get the wheels of progress turning.


    • I spoke to her again today to say I have emailed my local councillor and am now retiring from the lists. She is sufficiently shocked to be determined to pursue the matter, so I hope that if someone else gets a similar unpleasnat surprise by their doorstep that it will be dealt with more rapidly. Well, it could hardly be slower.

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