Bosses and Good Books

I didn’t think I’d post anything tonight. But MasterB having just, with my help, seen off the mainly black cat who thinks our garden would be a nice territory, is keen to stay outside a bit longer to be master of his demesne.
It has been a long week. I have a new boss. She seems nice enough, but inconsistent. As she wants us to get on with things ourselves – a bit if a challenge this as we were micromanaged to death under the previous boss – then gets uppity when she thinks she should know something we haven’t told her. Maybe she’ll settle down. I do hope so. It’s all a bit disorientating. I got told off because I am not attending a meeting on a day I am working elsewhere. Not having mastered being in two places at once, I seemed doomed to lose. I also seem to be spending far too much time considering the whys and wherefores of others’ behaviours instead of doing my job. Also, new boss hasn’t answered a question I have now asked her twice, and it is becoming pressing. What is sauce for the goose etc.
Not that I want my old boss back. No way. She was a complete nightmare, a control freak with knobs on. I am not sure what the knobs were, I wouldn’t like to twiddle them; we would probably be in a nuclear holocaust. She has been in twice this week. I do wonder if the new boss’ need to assert herself is anything to do with the old boss who tried to nail things down in perpetuity before she left, and apparently spent some time during her visits this week energetically trying to coerce the new boss to follow her plans.
Thank goodness I am part time there.

So it will be easy to understand that I am eager to get to bed and read my book. I have the Guardian Review to thank for its purchase. I have it on my e-book reader so I just know it must be a fairly long novel as I have been keenly reading it for days and am only at 72%. It is called Longbourn and is by Jo Baker. It is a take on Pride and Prejudice written from the perspective of the servants. No, take is the wrong word. It has its roots in P&P but it is very much a novel in its own right. The review I read is here. I love Clare Clark’s novels, if I can say that having only read two, and if she endorsed it, I was happy to give it a go.
I don’t think you would need to be familiar with Jane Austen’s novel to enjoy this one, but it helps. The flip side to life above stairs is stronger when you know the above stairs story.
Anyway, I think it is wonderfully well conceived and written, and if you are looking for a healthy, absorbing read, this is the book you need.

19 thoughts on “Bosses and Good Books

  1. I love Pride and Prejudice, and variations thereof – will definitely check that book out. Thanks for the tip!

    (Bosses are tough… shame we can’t read their minds, as many seem to think we can.)

  2. Amusing parallel between MasterB and his demesne and your serfdom at work. As a Boss myself I would say You are an Excellent Employee. I am certain you are where you are supposed to be and doing your work and extremely competent at it. New boss should quickly identify those traits and then treasure them. Unless you have a psycho-boss and then there is no hope.

    Ask my partner.

    Here is wishing your new boss gets her bearings and is not another micro-manager. It never works.

    Have you read Simon Ings “Dead Water”? Not a bedtime read at all.

    I will check out your choice.

    • I haven’t heard of Simon Ings or Dead Water. I shall look for some online reviews.
      I have had some good managers, but the bad ones really make life awful. The system of checks to make sure a manager is doing his/ her job don’t help much, they just mean you have to jump through hoops.
      I have only had one manager courageous enough to say let’s ignore them.
      My last boss was definitely on the psychopathic scale.
      I finished Longbourn earlier this evening. Apparently it is going to be made into a film. Fortunately I have hardly looked at the paper, otherwise I should be bereft, wondering what to read.

  3. Sounds a good read, hope you find great comfort in it and that it takes you away where you need to be for a break whilst pondering how to manage the behavior of new boss… Gee, that’s an annoying word to me just like that, I wish they’d say something pretty instead, too close to bully somehow to my way of thinking tonight. Who knows, tomorrow is a new day, happy weekend to you 🙂

        • LOL I was so in the right frame of mind for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo when I saw the movie, I cried and yet read the book after that as I was so taken by her own ability to be strong in the face of such torture, so strong that she could outwit them and exact her own kind of justice. Not saying I agree but if I was her, I might. Reluctant to see the movie at first because I knew there was a rape scene (was told by bookseller when I asked if it was violent) I went and just decided to cover my eyes for the parts I didn’t want imprinted. When reading, I skim those, then they don’t stay with me the way they normally would. My former best friend gave me enough betrayal and torment to last me a lifetime of nightmares 😉 Happy reading, if you have any issues, just write them and we’ll all add our 3 pennies worth to balance it, lol.

        • I was reading it in bed and had to stop. It is probably not the best book for me right now as most of my reading happens just before I fall asleep. I shall put it back on the pile and find something less fraught. I could not read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.i had a quick look at an excerpt from the sequel and quailed before the violence and misogyny.

        • Yes, I do know what you mean. My life was such at that moment of reading that nothing could have helped me better than Lisbeth exacting her own form of justice. Bed reading must be gentle, sometimes I take flyers to bed, things I wouldn’t normally bother with but the prices of food and ads for things is calming to me like an old fashioned Sears catalogue, lol.

  4. I’m a huge fan of P&P and the Longbourn review makes it very tempting, enjoy. I’ve also had a really hideous week at work, management are ridiculous, I’m trying not to think about next week!

  5. Last night, after reading your post, I settled down to page through my October Good Housekeeping. The part of a novel that they published this month is a portion of Longbourn. I may now have to get on the waiting list at the library for that one.

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