Of Nasty Surprises, Calendars and MasterB

My apologies if I haven’t visited your page. It’s Vladimir’s fault. Normally he can be relied upon to post lustrous photos of New York harbour taken from his canoe. But yesterday he put up a picture of a cooked pig’s head with an apple in ts mouth. After one horrified glance, I haven’t been back to Reader since. I shall have to wait until it is decently interred several miles down the screen.
With October starting in just a few hours, I am thinking about calendars again. I spoke to a printer who could do twenty for me that I could sell for £7.50 plus p&p. But I don’t know that I want twenty.

Not all would be for sale. At least four would be for presents. Bit the last thing I want is to be left with a stack of 2014 calendars I don’t need.
This is going to require some thought. I know a few of you bought them last year, so is there anyone who might be interested again?
In the meantime, I’ve taken some more pictures of him this afternoon, enjoying a bit of afternoon sunshine, and no dead pigs.

22 thoughts on “Of Nasty Surprises, Calendars and MasterB

  1. I am having a hard time refraining but with the exchange rate (i haven’t look recently but probably 1.55 US for each pound) plus I don’t know what shipping is to the US. He is so beautiful and I love your current header. Every day when I open your post, I smile.

  2. I once went to a bbq and was shocked that they were roasting a whole pig. I was in a bad mood the entire time. I don’t want to see it. Put me on the tentative calendar list. Not much space for hanging calendars in my new place, but I might be able to finagle something. Fishing line from the kitchen ceiling maybe.

  3. Pat I don’t know.. 😀 Isobel could probably have each of the calendars sent to our homes and we could pay her via paypal. Or I could pay for both calendars and ship one to you and you could send me a check. I could also accept a paypal payment from you. Seems like the easiest way is that Isobel, if possible, has two calendars made thru Vistaprint, they ship to us and we pay Isobel via paypal. If that puts Isobel out I am open to whatever I need to do. I can tell you that Vistaprint made a very nice quality calendar from Isobel’s snaps.. 🙂

  4. Thanks – It sounds easiest for me to pay Isobel through paypal and have the calendar shipped directly to me by Vistaprint. Will that work for you Isobel?

    • I can ask them by email if I can ordr two and have them sent to two addresses. I can’t see why not, unless their prices are all for one address, in which case I have to place the order twice. It should work I think.

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