Shades of Autumn

 Autumn White Rose

Autumn White Rose

I don’t know what to make of the weather. It was raining just now, but warm rain. Tropical October in South London?
The colours in the garden have changed and are changing. Most of the vivid pinks of the hollyhocks have gone. The red roses are over.
The nasturtiums go on,


as do the cosmos (thanks Gilly!)


If I have time tomorrow, I shall go into the garden again, and photograph the other spots of colour against our soft walls.
I want to get out to the country and see the golds and reds of the leaves arching over narrow lanes. This was Mother’s favourite time of year, and she delighted in the trees’ display.


8 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn

  1. It is certainly a bit weird. It is the mildness that is a bit strange so you go out with mac etc & bake. Thanks for the colour!

  2. We are having a tropical October in Missouri too Isobel. It is so soupy here we have condensation on the outside of our windows. Going up to almost 90 today. October daytime temps in Missouri are usually in the upper 70s to lower 60s. Big cold front pushing through tonight. That cosmos is beautiful!

  3. Oh Isobel sorry to confuse you but this one is a Japanese anemone not a cosmos! If I was at home I would take photos of both but I’m in Hampshire! They are both tall, same colours and form but the foliage of cosmos is more delicate. Anemones are perennial so that’s a bonus 🙂

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