The Other Half of the Feline Photo Shoot, and a Bit of Philosophy

Play has to be balanced with rest.

And when you are this beautiful, it is inevitable that you will be photographed.
There are moments when I really wish I knew about MasterB’s parentage and what he looked like as a kitten. Did he have siblings? Where are they? What do they look like? What are their characters?
I shall never know, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. I have a happy, healthy, friendly cat, who was rescued from the street by the students I got him from. He wasn’t behind the door when good looks were given out, but it’s how he is, now how he looks, that is important.


18 thoughts on “The Other Half of the Feline Photo Shoot, and a Bit of Philosophy

  1. I have the same questions about Att. But then I think he’s happy and healthy now. I hope his other siblings are just as happy. Too many stray pets in this world. One day I hope to rescue more. Need a much bigger place than where I live.

    • Cat’s former owner gave me a picture of him as a kitten and I treasure it.
      I can imagine what MasterB looked like, but I should love to see photos of his parents. I am guessing his father was a ginger, or maybe his mother was a tortie.

  2. love these! especially that profile click! lovely composition.
    Timmy is the first cat living here who actually came with a few baby pictures, even though he was 6.5 years old when he moved in. but i know what it is like to wonder about a beloved cat that arrived on the doorstep, such as our Squeeky, and try to imagine how she must have looked.
    while it is true that MasterB got more than one good dose of looks, i also agree that any happy cat that has a home where they feel safe and loved, is in a place that allows them to unfold their personality, and it really is about how they are, rather than how they look. although a loved cat usually does look the part 🙂
    thanks for sharing these smiles.

    • Yes, I think both my cats have developed their personalities as they have got their paws firmly under the table and have forgotten the uncertainty of their former lives. It makes a big difference, though sometimes I wish MasterB had lower expectations of me…

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