I have seen these hands at Guy’s Hospital many times.
They are part of large piece comprising three panels at Guy’s Hospital. The is the central one.

Centrepiece Hands

Centrepiece Hands

All three panels take their theme from the hospital motto: Dare Quam Accipere – It is Better to Give than to Receive. This one represents how staff give to the hospital. The hands are for the care given by the nurses and doctors, the hourglass for the time people give, the book signifies medical knowledge, the microscope, scientific endeavour and the mortar and pestle the medicines made from the herbs shown, Rosemary, Thyme and Basil. In the distance, the third panel represents Thomas Guy’s generosity. He paid for the building of the hospital and it shows him ahnding over the plans. The first panel shows the generosity of visitors. In this piece, they have given the patient lying in the bed so many grapes that the grapes have taken root.
Guy's Patient's Grapes

Guy’s Patient’s Grapes

But back to that centre panel and the hands.
Hands at Guy's

Hands at Guy’s

These days, they remind me of this moment:


I have posted this photograph before. It is the last one I have of Mother, some twelve hours before she died, clasping Nephew’s hand. Given that she was a nurse, and one dedicated to her job, the association seems entirely appropriate.


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