Three Pictures from Today

MasterB was on fine photo form this afternoon. And so was the weather.



This one is my favourite.
Shadow and Light

Shadow and Light

He disappeared onto the landing. This is how I found him.


18 thoughts on “Three Pictures from Today

    • He scared me last night. I wanted him to come in and there was no sign of him. I called and called, stopping to listen for his bells. Nothing. Eventually I saw him hunting in a neighbour’s garden – without his collar.

      • Isobel do you think he is slipping his collar? Could someone have taken it off? I know he has shown up without his collar before. He is so friendly, I imagine he would walk up to anybody? I am thinking you said you had break-away collars. That would have scared me too. He was just enjoying his night.. 🙂

        • No I don’t think so. He’ll have got it caught on something and it will have come off. That particular collar has been lost and found several times now. Better that than him being caught by it. 🙂

  1. The second photos is lovely, but the landing photo is perfect. I love cats and the situations they get into. Att is enjoying the sun this morning.

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