Another Long List…

I searched through my photos again yesterday to see if I had a decent landscape phot of MasterB looking out of the boat. No joy. Lots of almost decent ones. But I did find myself stopping and looking at others, so here’s a second list of possibles. I like the fact that there are a few different poses her. Obviously, it’s easiest to photograph him when he’s asleep, but sometimes I just manage to get the whole cat in the frame at the same time.

Again, if you would signal which ones you like by giving the number counting 1,2,3 from l-r, that would be great. It is easier and quicker for me to tell which one you like and make a note this way that if you put a like on the photo.

20 thoughts on “Another Long List…

    • Alas, I think MasterB’s waistline has joined mine as a distant memory.
      Since being on his diet he has become obsessed with food and actually gained weight. How can that happen? To be fair, he did lose some, then put it back on inn the Cattery. He may have to go to feline boot camp, and I may have to join WeightWatchers…

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