A Week



Sunday night now and tired.
Nephew came yesterday evening with two big pieces of furniture that had belonged to my parents. I didn’t have room. So I took a deep breath and offered him Mother’s nursing trunk. I’ve had it nearly three decades and it has had a central position in my sitting room.
A smile spread across his face. K (his wife) will love it, he said. So that was that.
We carried the sideboard, then the desk up the stairs. Fortunately the bookcase on top of the desk detaches. It was odd at first to see these pieces in my home; my books on these shelves.
I moved the desk today. It was heavy, but it looks a lot better. Slowly the room is taking on a new look. I think it’ll work.
MasterB has had fun climbing over everything. He has had quite a week too. He has been making such strides with the new neighbours that they looked after him one evening while I was at a meeting. On Friday I was going out and they said they would have him again. Less successful. He peed on their bed. They have been very forgiving, inviting him back in yesterday and today, baking bread and sharing it with me. They think he wanted to go out and they didn’t let him, so lacking a litter tray, he used their quilt. Apparently he had a very full bladder…
This morning, lying on my bed, you wouldn’t have thought he could do such a thing. Butter wouldn’t melt.
Wouldn't Melt

Wouldn’t Melt

A high spot of the week was seeing Blam at the Peacock Theatre. High energy, high entertainment, and a particularly male take on boredom in the office and how to deal with it. It is utterly utterly brilliant. Do see it if you can.
Tonight we are promised a gale; the biggest storm since 1987. I am hoping, just as the weathermen were famously wrong last time saying it wasn’t going to happen, this time that there is a spatter of rain and a light breeze, with tiles reamining on roofs, and trees keeping their roots in the earth.

20 thoughts on “A Week

  1. My cat, the three legged one, only has the occasional accident now. I take it all in my stride. Although he’s considerate to do it near my bedroom door (when I’m not there to let him out) where it’s clearly visible. He’s never used my bed!

    • As you can imagine, given this year’s tales of cats peeing on beds, I was rather alarmed. MasterB has never peed anywhere inappropriate before. However, I have a spare litter tray that they are going to take, and I have stocked up on litter now. So fingers crossed.

  2. MasterB will curl up on the duvet and I am sure the roof tiles are strong. May the St Jude’s Storm be not a lost cause. Should you want to embark on a trade in excess aqua, do be in touch.

    • Have you a drought then?
      When I woke up the wind was blowing strongly, all sorts of debris being blown down the street and every branch in sight thrashing about. I thought I would film it later. But now it is later and we have blue skies and winds that are nothing out of the ordinary! I have even let MasterB out.

    • A puddle on the bathroom floor would have been easier to deal with. They have even bought him toys.
      I think the storm is more or less over, at least here, but I have not listened to the news. I may put some washing on so that I can make the most of the lively winds to dry it!

  3. Sounds like you weathered the storm Isobel. We have 4 days of storms and heavy rain predicted. I am so excited. We are in drought again and our trees are sad. Soaking rains for a few days will go a long way as we head into winter. Might save some of the trees that summer was so hard on. Poor MasterB, if you have to go…… Love the idea of the furniture getting all comfortable looking in your room. Header and the two clicks sure are great of the Ginger Ninja in pure bliss mode! “Wouldn’t Melt”.. ♥

    • It’s a bit lively, but nothing extraordinary. In fact I got a load of washing dry on the line, including a heavy throw that I use to protect the sofa from MasterB’s claws.
      I hope your rain comes and gives the ground a good soaking.
      Having the furniture is quite strange. Like wearing a grown ups clothes from the dressing up box when you are small, then finding one day that they fit.
      My dear friend Maria in Barcelona has contacted me to say her mother has died, so she is on that same raft not knowing how to paddle now.

  4. What an adorable little guy. When you have to go, you have to go. Hope all is well in your neighborhood. Some fallen limbs and lots of debris here, but not too bad considering.

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