Adventurous Cat

I went to bed very early and apart from being disturbed by a MasterB with excess energy every couple of hours, I slept a long time and well. Once or twice when I woke I heard rain, an encouragement to curl up in the quilt. I changed the cat litter in the wee small hours after some furious digging noises.
But when I rolled over and opened my eyes to a new day where the sun was rising, the boat was curiously quiet. No weight on my legs, no furry companion on the pillow. I called to him. Nothing. I called again. Still nothing. I got up and went to the fore cabin expecting to find him intent on some wildlife he could see from the window. No MasterB.
Now this is a smallish boat, some twenty five feet from stem to stern and not the sort of place for a successful game of hiding seek. The windows were shut, all the cupboard doors closed. I began to feel alarmed.
Still calling for him I lifted cushions, opened curtains, double checked the bed.
No MasterB.

How could he have got out? I stared out of the windows, willing a strolling ginger with tail held aloft to appear by the pontoon. Nothing.
There is one cupboard that he might conceivably have opened where the door would have shut behind him. There is a gap inside, could he have climbed through to goodness where in the innards of the boat? I looked in there again, and shook biscuits. Surely it was too small. Then I heard a sound, a scrabbling. Not from the cupboard where I was looking, but the alcove next to it, and when I knelt on the floor, a ginger paw and some whiskers.

Despite the encouragement of biscuits, he could not get back. So for the next thirty minutes I dismantled the alcove until he could climb through. He seemed unruffled by his experience. And more than a little interested in repeating the experiment as I screwed things back into place. Mysteriously two screws seem to have vanished, but that is something I can deal with later. Of more concern is how to block the gap so that he can’t do it again. I am off to see Aunt shortly, and I want to know that my adventurous boy is not going to get himself into trouble while I am away. So I have put a board across part of the gap, but I do not have anything to hand that will cover the whole thing. I fear he will have to be confined to the aft cabin with the litter tray while I am away.
The Ginger Ninja is now sleeping, untroubled, on the bed, and I have fortified myself with a large cooked breakfast and pot of coffee.

9 thoughts on “Adventurous Cat

  1. A heartstopping moment – and the worry that he might do it again!

    Did I tell you about Bertha squeezing behind the bath? Temptations did the trick but I did think I might have to break the bath panel down to get her out!

    • No, you haven’t told me about that. What a nightmare.
      Cat once got stuck behind Mother’s very heavy washing machine and we had to call in reinforcements to release him. He also loved to knock the plinths under her cupboards out of the way ( they were magnetic) and go exploring.
      However MasterB is fine and safe this afternoon, so all is well. 🙂

  2. HA! He managed to find himself a bit of “uncharted space” in the confines of das Boot. I love that…..they really are so crafty sometimes. Enjoy your visit with your Aunt….I bet MasterB is right where you left him when you get back – curled up snoozing to recover from his on board adventure!


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