A Day on the River

A rather lovely day, and hoping to have some photos to post from it when I get home tomorrow. Today is six months since Mother died. I hadn’t thought about it before, but it seems right that I should be at das Boot and right that the day should be spent with Older Nephew. He came to help out with taking das Boot to the pump out, helmed like a champion and was great company to boot. We moored at a free mooring, had a pub lunch and came back. MasterB spent the entire time hidden under a pillow.
I made coffee, tied up and took photos. I did helm for a couple of minutes, but realised Older Nephew was gradually shuffling me out of the way, so I yielded quite happily. He lives fairly close to the marina, so we talked about him using the boat when I’m not here. I realise now I should have talked about him helming the boat when I am here, but maybe that’s for another conversation.

Just about every swan we saw tipped itself upside down into the water. Older Nephew wondered aloud if he should be taking the sight of so many swans bottoms personally. After he had left for home I was able to tell him that the cygnet has spent most of the remaining time close to the boat with its bottom in the air, so I don’t think they were ganging up to tell him something.
It was late afternoon when we got back. I hesitated for a nano second before deciding to stay at the marina overnight. It seemed hardly fair to bundle MasterB into the car after he had already been coopted into a river trip. It does mean I have to use the bucket loo, but worse things happen at sea.
So it’s dark. I have eaten, at least an hour earlier than I would at home, and I am already considering an early night. However, MasterB has gone back to sleep, so it maybe that he has plans to more active in the wee small hours. This may not be as long a sleep as I’d like.

11 thoughts on “A Day on the River

    • It was a bit smelly at the pump out but you just put the nozzle in the tank abduction it sucks it all out. The only problem was that they have replaced the tube so you can no longer see what is or isn’t flowing. We gave it ten minutes on the advice of the next boat in the queue. Then a good hand wash and we were all set.

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