River Birds, Homeward Journeys and Autumn Days

Aunt lives by a river too. Although it is connected to where I have das Boot, unfortunately it isn’t possible for me to visit her by water. How cool would that be?
I’m not the greatest wildlife photographer and was probably too busy enjoying the chat to concentrate well yesterday. Here are some of the birds I saw both at Aunt’s and on our river trip.

Since we got home, MasterB has delighted in being outside. o thought there might be fireworks tonight, so was glad that he had a good run round this afternoon. However, all is quiet, so he is out and about again after a power nap on the sofa.
Halfway home, having been very quiet, he began to yowl and try to scrabble his way out of the cat basket. Normally I am not a great fan of road works, but when we were slowed to a standstill so I could poke my fingers through the slats and rub his nose without fear of accident, it was pretty good.
I managed to leave my watch behind, looped over the door knob of the aft cabin. I expect it will tick away until I am back in the spring, so I have just ordered a very colourful swatch online to see me through the winter. Autumn has been around for a few weeks, but in town you do not get the full flavour. The roadsides were full of colour; reds and oranges and pale yellows. The fields look sober, and at the marina I heard plenty of gunshot, even when it was full night. The air is different; clammier, the day taking longer to get into its stride, surprising with sudden sunshine and blue skies, then suddenly changing into night when the afternoon seems hardly started.
It’s great to have access to both town and country. If not at das Boot, there is so much easily accessible for good walking just a short train ride from London. Time to waterproof the walking boots.


11 thoughts on “River Birds, Homeward Journeys and Autumn Days

  1. Quite a feathery assortment of “river birds”. The cygnets are sweet. Swans too! We are hearing gunshot regularly now and I really don’t like it. It will be going on thru December. We have a young buck that has been in the driveway most mornings. He has been eating the forsythia and acorns. The only way to take deer right now is archery. Firearms start the 16th. We fall back an hour tonight~dang! Isobel I am just rambling on. Sleep well tonight.

    • Our clocks went back last weekend. Near the marina you see clumps of men with dogs and guns standing near land rovers at this time of year, and you hear lots and lots of gunshot. There are pheasants and grouse there. I think that is what they are mainly shooting. Sweet dreams. Enjoy your extra hour.

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