All Souls Day

Mother’s name was said aloud in two churches today. Two candles were lit in her memory.
I wasn’t there. None of Mother’s close family attended. Not because we didn’t want to, but distance and other commitments, problems with transport, all mitigated against.
One of Mother’s closest friends attended the service where her funeral took place. I hope he said her name loudly, that it rang remembered around the chapel that she never attended except in death. He was unable to be at the funeral, so it was right he was there today.
I do not know why the knowledge that her name was said out loud in front of others feels so powerful, but it does. I don’t ‘get’ Hallowe’en. I do ‘get’ All Souls day.
My good friend Maria in Barcelona is recently bereaved. Her mother has died after an illness lasting several weeks. Maria and her brother have been attending her in shifts at the hospital, giving her comfort, letting her know that she was loved, letting her go.
Now is the hard bit; the no man’s land of raw grief where the one who has died is still so near to being alive that surely the clocks can go back, that this recent history can be rewritten.
Maybe all of us who have lost our mothers and fathers, our dear ones, should say their names aloud tonight, light candles and be glad for the lives they shared with us.

12 thoughts on “All Souls Day

    • Yes it was, and he sent me a lovely message last night about the service. I understand there is one in my local church tonight too, so I may attend with my friend Celia whose mother also died this year.

  1. Every morning when I’m out in the dark with Sam for his early walk I look at the stars and say my parents names out loud….and tell them I miss them…..still after all these long years. It doesn’t stop – ever – just gets a bit easier with time.

    Hugs, Pam

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