Not the Full Ninja

The explosion made me jump and be grateful I wasn’t pouring a drink. Earlier, I checked the local information to see what firework displays were on tonight and was pleased, though a bit surprised, to see that after the Lord Mayor’s display was over, it looked like a quiet night.
MasterB went out around 7.30. I had barely got upstairs when a rocket whooshed loudly outside. Back to the ground level and I found MasterB cowering at the back of the binshed. He wouldn’t come out. I jingled my keys encouragingly. No go. A rattle of biscuits and a fortunate pause between pyrotecnics proved sufficient to persuade him to come to me and in through the front door again.
Restored to the safety of the flat, he settled down on the sofa while I dispatched pictures of him to the printer who is making up the calendars. A loudish firework made him growl, and when another went off he headed for the drawer and darkness under the bed. I have music on now to disguise some of outside row because as the evening has progressed the tenor of the fireworks has become increasingly loud and warlike.
I am calling the 2014 calendar The Ginger Ninja, but MasterB is not very ninjaish tonight.
Hopefully this will be the last of the fireworks until new year.
Pix and Pat if you are reading this, my next move should be to upload the photos to Vistaprint as two separate orders to be sent to you if that is still what you want.
Anyone else who wants a calendar do get in touch. At Β£7.50 plus p&p, they are the perfect gift!
Here’s a sneak preview of the new cover photo I hope to use. Thanks Sophie! There have been some adjustments to the other pages too.



19 thoughts on “Not the Full Ninja

  1. I am reading and now need to know how to get money to whom. I am excited and wondering whether to keep the calendar for my own enjoyment or give it to my cat-loving daughter. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pat. Last year I ordered through and had the calendar sent directly to Pix. There is nothing stopping you from having more than one calendar, just let me know how many. If it’s a lot, I shall start to supect you of selling them on! Pix paid me through Paypal once I knew what it cost. All you need to do is email me your address.
      I’m printing some to sell, but also for three of my aunts!

    • One and three sixteenths inch high by one and five sixteenths inch wide box on the 2013 calendar. Date is small and located in left top corner. I write small and only note times and names and stuff that happens during the day. Sufficient space for me. Most of my notes for the day are on my iPhone.. πŸ™‚ Can I help answer better some other way? I can take picture of page and shoot to you via email.

  2. Am sorry to hear MasterB was having a tough time with all the fireworks. Bizarrely they don’t seem to have phased the Chairman at all this year – Odd, given he’s normally a complete lightweight where bangs ‘n crashes are concerned. But then I guess such contrariness is just typical cat. . .
    Love the pics BTW. No NInja maybe but definitely still a very handsome gentleman πŸ™‚

    • There were some more whizzes and bangs earlier this evening, so he has only just emerged from under the bed. He seems reluctant to go out. There’s a fox barking close by so there is life around.

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