It’s a grey old day here in London, and one that I have spent the most part in bed. A headache started yesterday evening that I kept at bay with painkillers. An early night sorts most things, so I brushed my teeth and got into my pyjamas before the clock had reached double figures.
A few hours later I woke up and thought, this is what it must feel like if someone has knifed you in the head. For the remainder of the night my headache grew and when the alarm went off and I sat up, I realised I was in no state for work. The instructions on the packet of painkillers say they must be taken with food. I didn’t feel I could face food, so no painkillers.
I let MasterB out and went back to sleep. When I woke up, my head still hurt but not so much. Now it was the turn of my limbs to be wobbly and achy. MasterB came back in, and with the indifference of the healthy, demanded a full breakfast. Queasily I returned to bed.
I didn’t get up until after two. A bath and clean clothes did much to restore me, and I was ready for an afternoon on the sofa in the sitting room. MasterB, who had evidently discovered feelings of empathy, threw up on the carpet. There is nothing like clearing up cat sick when you are feeling unwell.
So it was a while longer before I made it to the sitting room where MasterB is asleep stretched out on the sofa and I am sitting on the floor.

15 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. I feel with you, Isobel! I only had one migraine in my whole life, but never forgot the pain… My mother had migraines which lasted several days… But once her menopause appeared, it was over… I hope you feel better now!

  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t well. Deeply sympathise as I’ve had a dizzy headache the last two days myself. Hope you are soon feeling better. Typical cat – they like being the centre of attention!

  3. At the very least, your pain and suffering produced a very nice story. Much enjoyed some of those juxtapositions of MasterB’s priorities and yours.

  4. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a cat, with you as my handmaiden. It is so amazing how cats can take control of a household – I know from experience. By the time you read this, I assume you will be better because I am behind in reading my favorite bloggers. Postscript: I love your writing. You have an elegant way of using words.

    • Thanks Pat. I am way behind following blogs. My days are suddenly extremely full, and I want the whole blogging thing to be enjoyable and not feel like work, so if I don’t have time, I just have to drop out of reading and writing for a while. Though I do sometimes post as a sort of diary entry for myself too.
      I am just looking at the cost of the calendar. sending one costs $11.99 plus $6.50 shipping, the cheapest option. It seems an awful lot.
      For two calendars, the cost is $23.24 plus $8.59 shipping.
      I am about to send all this to Pix too.

      • The price is find for one. How shall I get the 18.49 (USD ?) to you. That is about what I was figuring – I am quite use to doing pound to dollar conversion in my head.

        • We used PayPal last time and it was very easy. I am using the US Vistaprint site, so this is the price I am paying in dollars. You need to email me your address for the shipping, and I need to then give you my PayPal details.

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