For Julia: Calendar Grids

More fiddly bits for the boy’s calendar. I had assumed the printer would have templates for the months of the calendar. Wrong. So that was a new task for today.
Julia wanted to know if there would be room to write. There is. This is how a month will look.

Month by Month

Month by Month

The cover is being so problematic i may swap it with another month. The problem is adding a title. My boy either loses his ears in one picture or his feet in another.
I am learning a lot, and this attention to detail is instructive. It’ll be a cracker of a calendar when we get there!

10 thoughts on “For Julia: Calendar Grids

    • Thanks Sophie, but to be honest, my interest and enthusiasm is waning. Not least because the printer waits for me to call him to raise any questions. I sent the calendar grids to ask if they were ok. No reply. Severla hours passed before I could ‘phone him. That’s when he told me he couldn’t open them on his system. A quick email would have been nice. However, I think the triptych would make a very nice card, so when my enthusiasm has returned, I may return to it.

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