Birthday Honours

Mother would have been 94 today. Obviously I didn’t have to buy a card, but the day couldn’t go by without something to mark it and remember her.
After my post last week, Memories and Memorials, I had a bit of a think. I like Ruth’s idea of a small volume of Mother’s favourite poems, but there are copyright issues.
So today, I had some copies of poems with me. When I met a likely person, I offered the poems face down in a fan shape and so they could choose one. Beneath each one I had written this:
This is a poem that my mother Anne, 26th November 1919-1st May 2013, loved to listen to. Please enjoy and share it.
I hoped people would read them aloud to someone else. One person did and I stayed to listen. Maybe the others will do so later with friends and family. Over the next few days, I plan to distribute some more copies in the pub, a local café, a shop. As I write this I am wondering if 26th November will become my owm personal Poetry Day. So if you are reading this and nodding, grab a poem that you like and read it aloud. If there is no one with you, share the words with yourself and the day, and feel the power of poetry.
Meanwhile, our local Poetry Group is under threat. With our library closed following a fire next door, we are guests at another library, but numbers have fallen off. We had a meeting last week. Celia and I offered to take it over from the library assistant currently running it until we have our ‘own’ library back, or at least temporary accommodation someone nearby.
A couple of days later Celia and I met in the pub to put osme ideas together. We had already wondered about having at least one meeting there. Celia wondered if it might seem a bit ‘poncy’ in the pub. That idea had not occurred to me and I was a bit blank about it. I’ve sat in the pub in its previous incarnation when it was full of villains reading poetry and no one made any comment, but maybe they hadn’t noticed. But is poetry poncy? I don’t believe so. In the end, we asked the landlady what she thought. She was in favour, so there will be pints and poetry sometime in the new year, even if it’s just Celia and me. Can’t wait.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Honours

  1. I love it – I think you even have a name. “Pints and Poetry” It has a really nice ring to it. Handing out poetry is a brilliant way to give meaning to this day and honor your mum. Hugs to you – that first anniversary can be difficult. Doesn’t time go by fast, though.

  2. Oops, my brain is in a bit of a fog. I see it is her birthday, not the anniversary of her death. You get the hugs anyway because there are so many events that are difficult, especially that first year.

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