2014 Ginger Ninja Calendar Printed and for Sale Now

It is a fun wonderful calendar and MasterB’s pictures are awesome with him being BIG up close and personal.

says Pix.

Forget about Beaujolais nouveau, le calendrier du Ginger Ninja 2014 est arrivé! The perfect present for the discerning friend.
I was surprised and pleased when someone looking at it asked me if the photographer had come round several times to capture MasterB’s charms, so I take it the result looks pretty professional.
This photograph was taken a moment ago under electric light and does not really do the cover justice, so maybe I shall take another in daylight and replace it. But here goes.

Calendar Cover

Calendar Cover

For anyone who wants a copy, the cost is £7.50 plus £2 p&p in the UK. If you leave a comment here to say you’d like one and I’ll have your email, or if you already have my email because I have commented on your page, you can email me directly.
Now if I can just get some enormously successful firm to sign him up to be the face of their advertising campaign, I can retire and live on his earnings.
Any ideas?

13 thoughts on “2014 Ginger Ninja Calendar Printed and for Sale Now

  1. It’s a darling calendar! Mine made it to my house Monday.. 🙂 Well made, printed nicely with true colors and the Ginger Ninja being his charming self…♥ Truly sweet photos! I agree with sophiescott, he needs his own Facebook page but I think I know what you are thinking about that Isobel. Thank you so much for taking the great snaps and putting the calendar together. CH and I truly enjoy our Ginger Ninja calendar!

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