The Exercised Cat

There’s a new cat on the block. A very large tabby. When I saw him the other day I thought it was Simba from across the road, but since then I have had a better look, and this boy is a heavyweight, and Simba is lean.
He is quite the most exciting thing MasterB has encountered in a long while.
Indoors, the ginger ninja is putting in lots of practice; leaping, running and attacking moving targets.
Which means me.

Rough play is the order of the day as he gets himself into shape for stalking this intruder around the garden. I notice he only utters threats when I am close by, armed with my water spray against the foe. The squirrel is probably delighted at this opportunity to put its feet up in the dray and enjoy a bit of peace.
MasterB is loving it. He hurries out into the garden, a purposeful look on his whiskers. By the gate he stops, cranes his neck forward, alert for any movement, then takes up a position in the bushes where he can see without being seen.
He’s getting loads of exercise, and, once I can get him at night, is sleeping like a log.
So long as it doesn’t come to fisticuffs, I really couldn’t hope for better entertainment for my boy as winter closes in.


10 thoughts on “The Exercised Cat

    • Now Sonny has gone (no sign of him since April), and Odysseus has relocated to the wilds of Kent, we have had various visiting cats, but none that have stayed around. The biggest surprise was an obviously pedigree Persian the other week who took one look at MasterB and fled, never to be seen since. This may have convinced my boy that he is up to the mark in the territory defending stakes. I fear he is not.

    • Wonderful, and what superb photos. There were two programmes on here recently called Animal Odd Couples which was about unusual friendships between different species. Interesting stuff.

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