A Favourite Short Story: The Zoo at Christmas

Now it is December and Christmas is just three short weeks away. I have started to write cards, but without any great urgency, and I am sure it will end up with the usual furious flurry of stamps and envelopes and trips to the postbox.
I have expended far more energy looking out my favourite Christmas short story which is by Jane Gardam and comes from her collection of stories, Missing the Midnight.
I had a quick search online to see if I could find there to share, and I did. So with many thanks to the Montreal Gazette who published the story on their pages back in 2010, please enjoy The Zoo at Christmas.
When you finish it, do come back here and let me know if you enjoyed it too.
Merry Christmas!


15 thoughts on “A Favourite Short Story: The Zoo at Christmas

      • I find it wonderful! Especially the tiger. I love how the animals personalities suit them so well. I printed a copy and gave to a friend who has grandchildren between 6 and 16, I’m sure some of them will love it and I’ll wait a couple of years before sharing it with mine. Thanks Isobel 🙂

        • That’s great. When I first read it, maybe ten years ago, I sent copies to various friends in with Christmas cards. On Christmas Day when some of the younger members of the family were getting a bit over excited, one of my friends sat them down and read the story, they listened all the way through.
          Like you, the tigers are my favourite characters in this. The descriptions are so wonderful.

  1. An incredible tale……and quite magical in many ways. I found my overwhelming feeling though to be one of sadness mixed with a bit of wonder. But then that’s Christmas for you…..a mix of many things.

    Thanks for sharing the story – and Merry Christmas to you and MasterB
    Holiday hugs, Pam and Sam

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you, it is magical. It is a story I have read many times now and always find it special. Not sure how much Ackroyd had to do with the disappearance of the vicar though…

  2. Well I finally found some quiet time all to myself to read this and I found it magical as Pam said. Very lovely. And yes I have to wonder about Ackroyd and the vicar. Wallace was my favorite.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Isobel. I will be back to print it too. Merry Christmas to you and the Ginger Ninja!! You ARE going to post again before Christmas???

    • The dinner plate paws. She is such a good writer.
      I do intend to post, but time is very limited! Maybe after my shower tonight and before bedtime. I should hate to disappoint you…

  3. enjoyed this story! i too enjoyed the description of the animals, and the whimsical, somehow nostalgic style of the tale being told…. thank you for sharing. Wishing you and MasterB a wonderful, relaxing Christmas. And Timmy sends purrs. 🙂

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