Pictures of Lowestoft, Boxing Day 2013

Yesterday we visited Lowestoft and I wrote about it here.
Today I came home and downloaded the photos from my little Olympus.
I have also had a quick look in my guidebook about East Anglia. It says that Conrad is not the only famous name linked to Lowestoft. Both Thomas Nashe, the poet, and Benjamin Britten, the composer, were born there, though some three hundred and fifty years apart. There are steps which I didn’t see leading down to the original beach village. I did see the old smoke house as we drove by, and evidence that fishing had once been the main industry.
Das Boot hails originally from a few miles away at Oulton Broad. Maybe one day I’ll get there and see where she started out.

7 thoughts on “Pictures of Lowestoft, Boxing Day 2013

  1. How interesting Isobel. CH is googling Lowestoft and says the pictures show a cute town. That is sad that it is run down and seen better days. Directly across from Amsterdam, he thinks that cool. Does someone still live in the Harbour Master’s House? That is a fun capture of the seagull.. 🙂 The harbor looks neat and tidy, ship shape. The two little white boats moored together look like boats out of a children’s book. They would be fun. Das Boot is how far away now from her original harbor?

    • My friends say that the town is divided. The old large b&bs are ones homeless people are sent to live in from other parts of the country. A poverty trap since there is no work locally for them so they have no way of getting on.
      However, there is a new snazzy block of flats being built, so I do not think I have understand the whole picture. So many of our once prosperous seaside towns have declined due to lack of fishing and the increased preference for holidays abroad.
      Das Boot is about seventy miles from Oulton Broad. She is a Hampton Safari, and I believe the Hampton business was at Oulton.

  2. Hi Isobel – Happy Christmas (belatedly!) – hope you’ve had a lovely one. I’ve not been to Lowestoft although pass the odd signpost when I’m in Suffolk! Pix mentions seagulls, but I thought they were swans – is L is on the swan migration route? Perhaps they are something else altogether. Have you ever taken Das Boot to Aldeburgh? Is that near L? Not sure of my waterway!

    • The seagull is erched on top of Poseidon’s cornucopia, which sounds like a euphemism but isn’t. 🙂
      I don’t know what sort of swans these are. Mute swans stay don’they? The first time I stayed on das Boot it was Christmas and I shared my bread with visiting swans I recall.
      Your qusetion has prompted me to research, and I have found this
      Das Boot does not travel far under my captaincy. Next time I am there (in the spring) I’ll take a look at the maps and see if there is a way to Aldeburgh.

      • Ah – now I spot the seagull, thank you for the pointer! I thought they were Bewick swans, and thanks to your link I find that indeed they are. I have to confess, I thought they were on a rollercoaster as well, which in my tangled brain somehow tied up with swan migratory routes (correct – go to the top of the class) and seaside town fun/theme parks (incorrect – go to the dunce’s corner). Not sure whether I am in the ranks of the likers or dislikers – perhaps one needs to see it in the flesh!

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