Happy 2014

I had planned to choose twelve photos, one from each month of 2013, but the search facility on the media files here defeated me. Does anyone know how to work it? It’s fine when you just look through pix, but when it comes to finding one to insert into a post you have to scroll it’s like one of those sketches in Little Britain where the computer says no.

So wherever you are, whoever you’re with, enjoy your evening, and here’s wishing us all a very Happy New Year.


14 thoughts on “Happy 2014

  1. My sister gave me a “Henri le Chat Noir et l’mbecile blanc” calendar but MasterB, who is sans imbeciles, will get pride of place. Trust you are both cozied up for the evening in anticipation of a fruitful New Year.

  2. Happy New Year Isobel! May 2014 be all you want it to be.. 🙂 MasterB was up at our house yesterday! I couldn’t wait. I can’t help you with the media search, I still haven’t figured out how to do a photo gallery/collage thing.. 😀 The videeeohhhhhh was funny!

    • Surely he was already in your house from last year’s calendar?
      I am hoping to be earlier with 2015’s so it is less of a rush.
      May your 2014 be full of great days and happy moments.
      There are loads more in the same vein if you look on YouTube, very nicely observed. 🙂

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