Introducing Madame Fang

I was a bit late for my appointment with Madame Fang this morning. Moments after blithely saying I was going out on my bike under a grey but dry sky, the rain began to fall. It has that sullen determination of an uninvited guest who knows himself unwelcome, yet persists in sitting in the best chair and eating your favourite chocolates from the Christmas box open on the table.
Not being sure of the parking restrictions today, and unwilling to start the year with a fine, or worse being clamped or towed away, I set out in waterproofs and wellingtons, only to realise, just a few yards short of my destination, that the key was in the pocket of my other coat.
I splashed home and started over again.
When I let myself in, there was no sign of her. I called her name a few times, thinking she might be dozing somewhere, and sure enough she appeared, running girlishly up the stairs.

She was flatteringly pleased to see me, climbing onto a table and reaching her paws to my shoulders to give a nose to nose hello. I thought it might be cupboard love, but once her bowls were washed and replenished she only took a few mouthfuls before coming to find me again.
It was play she wanted. I had brought some of MasterB’s toys with me to see how she would like them. Yesterday when I went to give her evening meal, I took a plastic ball with a bell in it that brought out her wild side. Tail fluffed up, she’d charged around the flat after it. The game far more sauvagethan anything I had anticipated.
It’s a good thing I love MasterB to bits, because Madame Fang is a heart stealer. I’d heard a lot about her, and seen the photos. She’s a bit of a Daddy’s Girl, and whenever I see Steve, he whips out his phone to show me more pictures of his gorgeous girl. If I were Sandi I might be a bit jealous. However, Monday was the first time I had met her in the fur, and I realised no photo I had seen does her justice. A naughty tortie with deliciously marked paws and a chest that is half ginger, like the coat of arms of some distinguished dynasty, she puts the i into interactive.
Steve and Sandi’s normal cat sitter was unavailable and they needed someone to attend to Fang while they headed away to friends’ to enjoy the New Year festivities.
These are people who care deeply about their cats. Fang had big paws to fill, as Winston, her adored predecessor, was torn apart by dogs who had been deliberately set on him by their owner. Winston is still in their lives, as Cat is still in mine. He was a big cat with a presence to match. Still mourning Winston, they found a tiny undernourished kitten outside their block. The vet thought her around twelve weeks. Small but feisty, she bit first and asked questions later. Hence, Fang. She was however socialised, so whoever abandoned her at least did her that favour, rather like Izzy last year. Too many people take on kittens and puppies with no idea what a commitment it is. Some are shocked at how much they eat; young animals are constantly hungry and specialised kitten and puppy food is not cheap.
Naturally I had to be introduced first, so they picked me up on Monday evening, kept my glass nicely full of wine, and Fang and I had the opportunity to become acquainted. We played then, and she allowed me to pick her up, and take a few familiar liberties with her, but it was only yesterday that I got the full ‘rub my tummy’ hello.
I was so hoping for sunshine today to take some photos of her. Dark cats on dark days do not look their best on camera. These will have to do for now, but come the spring, I shall be demanding photographer’s rights to see if I can do her justice. In the meantime, here a few failures.
I give you, Madame Fang.


25 thoughts on “Introducing Madame Fang

  1. She’s very gorgeous and reminds me of a cat we had once called Treacle. She must be very thrilled to see you every day! Happy New Year Isobel, and to Master B too, of course. (Does he sniff you all over when you get home, wondering WHO the other love in your life is?)

    • My duties are over now as Steve and Sandi have returned. Strangely she did more sniffing than MasterB, but like him, when she sniffs, her mouth opens and she tastes the smell. I think he has had had his fill of strange smells travelling between her and Norfolk.
      My aunt had a black and tan wire haired dachsund called Treacle! Treacs for short.

  2. She’s a beauty alright and you can just see “big personality” in her face…..she’s lucky to have had you to keep an eye on her while your friends celebrated the new year. I wonder too if MasterB knew you’d been “unfaithful” to him when you got home after visiting Madame Fang?! Sammy always give me a rather nasty look when he smells another cat on me. Spoiled? Yes he is.


  3. My first cat when I got married was a dark tortie just like Madame Fang,she was the sweetest most loving little thing and it broke my heart when I lost her, she was 18 😦

  4. what a beauty she is!
    a couple of years after saying good-bye to Squeeky and several years before saying hello to Timmy, we thought we had found the cat of our dreams – also a tortie with piercingly turquoise-coloured eyes. she was 2 years old and was put up for adoption when the family where she was living came to the conclusion that they could no longer keep her. whether the reason was valid or not, that was the state of affairs and she had been taken to a shelter and was ready to be adopted.
    and we were more than ready to adopt, or so we thought. we wanted to meet her, of course, and see if the feeling was mutual. she was not at the shelter but in foster care, so it was a while before i actually got the phone number of the foster home. so i called and left the first of several messages indicating our interest and leaving my phone number. there was no call back so i left at least one more.
    and then one day, there was a voice message from the foster home. i still remember to this day how excited i was, an excitement that quickly turned to disappointment when i heard that the thought of giving her up was too much too bear, and they were sorry, but had decided to adopt her and she was no longer available..
    and then there was a momentary sorrrow for a cat i had only ever seen on the internet with her penetrating eyes looking up into the camera. a sorrow, which quickly turned to happiness for her, since an animal knows when they are in transition or if they are settled in a forever home.
    our quest for a new cat was put on hold for a while. life happened and then a few years later, we heard of Timmy. quite a bit older than we had been thinking of, and a boy to boot. but he needed a home, and we were more than ready to adopt. but Timmy needed to be in a house by himself, as being with other cats would not work for him. since we had no other cat, we could take him in and he adopted us very quickly.
    if that beautiful tortie had been with us, it would not have been an option, had we adopted the tortie with those penetrating eyes. and that would have been very sad indeed. for at the moment, i cannot imagine how we ever managed without him.

    • A happy result all around. We may not always get the cat we think we want, but perhaps we get the cat we need. MasterB, Fang, Timmy all had rough starts in life and are now adored and valued family members. Like you, I cannot imagine MasterB living anywhere else.
      My thoughts keep returning to Odysseus-now-George who, after more than two years having to fend for himself on the streets, is now warm and loved in a home in Kent. With all the awful stories about animal cruelty, these happy endings are worth celebrating.

  5. yes, such a happy story there. i agree that happy endings are there for the celebrating.
    and it is so true, we get the cats we need. or the cats that need us get us. i guess it works both ways. the cats in my life have all been as different from one another as night is from day, and i would not have given up one for another. but so far i have never met a cat like Timmy. i truly consider myself blessed.
    by the way, as a heads-up, you probably know that Timmy has a guest post on my blog on the First Tuesday of the month, and although i originally had another post in mind for this coming Tuesday, i have ended up adapting my comment above, and transformed that into Timmy’s first post of the year. will include a link to this post as well for reference. thanks for the inspiration!

    • MasterB has been reluctant to use our garden, looking nervously at be corner in particular, so I guessed there was a new cat on the block. Yesterday I found her. She was sheltering in a upturned pallet between our binshed and the all. Various animals have used this in the past. She hissed at me. Today I saw her again. She vocalised. So I went down with some food. As soon as I opened the tin she came out of her hiding place. She is emaciated. So now begins the process of getting her to trust me enough that I can get her to the vet and eventually a new home. Le’s hope this one has a happy ending too.

  6. Madame Fang is a beauty. You seem to have won her heart. I love hearing everyone talk about their cat companions. We have two at the moment (as opposed to the four we had before). The male, Gabriel, is half Maine Coon, outgoing, sweet- natured with a decided edge, intelligent, and inquisitive.The female, Angelique, is a registered Persian, a former show cat, who is now learning to be a house cat and to play with the laser light. We adopted both of them from owners who did not want them anymore. Unfortunately, they only tolerate one another with an occasional tussle. We’ve had Gabriel since he was 19 months, now for six years and Angelique for four years. She’s now ten years old.Each in his/her own way wins our hearts daily.

    • Four cats is quite a lot. I don’t think my cat would be happy to have a feline companion. I was working with someone today who has a ginger Maine Coon. She was showing me photos. He is huge and still growing. He looks absolutely lovely.

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