Straying Alive

So here s/he is. His/her gender now in question, but we didn’t want to do too much invasive peering at his/her nether regions.
When I say we, I mean Chris at the Cattery. Breathe again. The white and back stray is now in safe hands, and literally in a warm bed. The sleeping rough episode is ended.

When I took breakfast out she scrambled from her hidey hole at once. I had thought she had a sore on her leg when I saw her in the gloom. In daylight it was clear she has sores on both front legs and one is making her limp. I resisted her demands for seconds and thirds and instead we had a bit of a love fest. When I went in I was a bit worried she might try to follow me, and maybe that is what happened, because having talked to Chris on the ‘phone and got the go ahead to bring her in, I couldn’t find her. I looked inside the binshed and there she was, crouching in the corner, and fortunately where I could pick her up. Which I did. She didn’t resist though she was obviously worried when I closed the door and it made a noise. The car was already open and the cat basket in place. She lifted her nose to mine and I told her she would now be properly looked after.
On the journey she was initially absolutely quiet. I had some music on and I talked to her. After a mile or so, there was a faint mew and some movement from inside the basket. I lifted the towel an inch or so when we stopped at the lights. She looked out at me and rubbed my fingers when I put them through the slat.
Chris opened the door of the cattery before I had even rung the bell. We went straight through to the run she is to have. Fortunately it is the end of the busy Christmas holiday period and twelve cats went home today.
Chris lifted her out and checked to see if she has a chip. No sign of one, but maybe the more advanced technology at the vet’s surgery will tell a different story.
Just this little bit of human contact was enough to turn an anxious animal into an affectionate one. She clearly loved the attention and would have been happy for us to stay and scatch her ears and rub her head all day.
Chris winced when she saw the sores, and showed me more sores on the cat’s rear feet. I asked her what she thought could have caused the sores on her front legs and she shook her head. A mystery.
Before we went back into the house, Chris lifted her into the little house and she settled straight into the bed under the heat lamp.
She’s not out of the woods yet, and almost certainly has worms, though I could see no sign of fleas, but she is in a much more hopeful position than she was a couple of days ago.

27 thoughts on “Straying Alive

    • I think I realised last night that catching her was going to be a much easier process than it was with Odysseus. I am still saying she, but the cat is probably male. S/he so wanted affection, and was ready to trust me so very quickly.
      Maybe we can make suggestions here for a name once the vet has had a look at him/her.
      Though the best case scenario would be for a scan to be revealed and an anxious owner longing to be reunited. Fingers crossed.

  1. Aww such good news Isobel. So thankful for your love of cats. I am so happy you were there for her and the others you have saved. Could her injuries have been burns from a car engine? I know you will keep us updated.

  2. Excellent first step, and so encouraging that she has responded well to your kindness so quickly. That’s the way to impress new owners!

    We found one of our cats after she had likely been hit by a car (though no bones broken). All of her feet appeared burnt – but that was pad side down. Best to focus on how she gets better now than think about what happened to get her there. She’s in a good place now which is great to hear xxx

    • Yes isn’t it? I just hope there are no underlying health problems. She could be thin due to thyroid problems. Hopefully tlc, rest and recuperation and minimal medical intervention will be all that is required. I am feeling very happy tonight that she is in a warm safe place with regular meals. That is probably the best thing she could have to start 2014.
      I am adjusting to the idea that she is a he. Inigo Jones sounds like a nice name to me, or Handsome Harry. I shall have to revisit my post about naming cats.

    • She does have a sweet face. I wonder how old she is. Chris at the Cattery thought probably not very. Her mouth is very pink and her teeth white, so no obvious iron deficiencies.
      I am sure the Cattery assistants will make a great fuss of her. She may win their hearts and they will talk about her. That is how Odysseus-now-George got his home so quickly.

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