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I have just had an email from Chris at the Cattery. She titled it Trevor, which I really hope isn’t going to be the cat’s name, but maybe it was just to signal his gender. I’ve been on tenterhooks all day wondering how the cat had got on at the vet’s.
Anyway, this is what she says:

Hi Isobel

yes he is a boy…

& not very old either, probably about 3-4

they think he must have been trapped somewhere, one of the front leg wounds is a burst abscess

the hocks have a build up of being somewhere filthy & sitting in urine.

he has had antibiotics, painkillers

he also has a very runny tummy, but some of that food from your friend is just right for him!

he needs his wounds bathed in hibiscrub every day.

they will see him next week, he may have to have the tissue on the front leg or legs operated on, so we shall see how the infection heals.

just as well MasterB told you about him!


The food and the friend reference is about Octavia, who went independently to the Cattery yesterday morning to donate food that she had had for Claud.
I have nothing against the name Trevor, but he looks more like an Inigo or a Henry to me.
I have only respect for the Cattery folk. It looks like Trevor/Inigo/Henry could be with them for quite a while unless someone is prepared to foster him. His treatment is not going to be cheap. Let’s hope it signals to start of this boy being valued and loved.

13 thoughts on “Breaking News, Stray Cat Latest

  1. Thanks for the update…..poor little guy has had it rough hasn’t he. He already knows that humans CAN be kind and gentle thanks to you, Octavia and the Cattery folks….hopefully that’s just the beginning of a wonderful “rest of life” for him…he’s young….hopefully the hardships he’s endured will face in his feline memory once he gets a forever home.

    Hugs, Pam

    • Very rough. Heartbreaking. I am hoping that ‘trapped’ does not mean deliberately trapped by a human. As he is so affectionate and ready to trust, I feel he must have had a good home once. Let’s hope he has another and that this time it is for life.

  2. I also have nothing against the name Trevor for humans but I agree – somehow, it doesn’t seem like the right name for a cat (unlike MasterB which I’ve always thought most impressive). Fingers crossed for Inigo / Henry (equally distinguished and therefore suitable) – Do keep us posted. Sadly, can’t take him in at the mo but would happily donate to ensure the little man gets all the TLC he needs xx

    • Thanks Kris. I am not sure what the operation would be. Skin grafts do you think? That would be painful and expensive, so I hope it’s something else. The rain pelted down again last night and I was so glad he was in a warm, dry pen.

    • That is very generous of you Pix. The Cattery doesn’t do PayPal so the only way I can see for you to do it would be to send me a sum via PayPal and I could pass it to them. Chris is going to be away for ten days and she is in charge of the accounts, so there is no rush. You could always email them.

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