Weather, Work Changes and a Cat Called Trevor

Rain, wind and sun. We have had it all today. Though fortunately no flooding. Apparently the Thames Barrier has been put to use for the eleventh tide in a row. I thanked my lucky stars that I was working from home. MasterB, currently lying beside me on the sofa, took himself back to bed in a drawer in the divan base. As I had to turn on the light at just after ten in the morning in order to see what I was doing I was tempted to follow his example and crawl back under the quilt.
However, this evening finds me feeling things have been achieved and a few more items have been crossed off my list. Having given up my salaried job, the calls I received offering me freelance work were more than welcome. Whether it brings in enough to keep the wolf from the door remains to be seen. Friends’ reactions to my decision have ranged for congratulations and cheers, to shaking heads and forecasts of doom. Financially I admit to misgivings, but there are times when you have to take risks. I am not going to go into detail about what I am doing, but writing is going to play a bigger part in putting food on my table than it has for a while.
Do feel free to commission me!
Trevor the cat has given me pause for thought. Cat rescue certainly doesn’t pay the bills, but it is very satisfying, more satisfying than anything I have done recently. However, I can’t see myself retraining as an RSPCA officer.

While on the subject of Trevor, I had another message from Chris explaining how the name came about.


the vet was in chaos when I went in though, power cuts, no computers, or booking records

the other 10.45 slot was a dog called Trevor, so we called our boy Trevor & it stuck, he did behave himself

I dare not try & alter it now, as hopefully they have now retrieved their records etc


So that’s clear. I was worried about the word ‘trapped’ in her first message after he had seen the vet. I asked if they were thinking deliberately trapped, or that he had got himself stuck somewhere.


trapped as in unable to get free, we hope

the alternative seems unlikely as he is not frightened, purred at the vets,
I know cats purr to comfort themselves, but in his case he seemed okay

he goes back to the vet next week, it was difficult to tell how much feeling he had in the wounded tissue.

it does mean that he does not require the “collar of shame” though




20 thoughts on “Weather, Work Changes and a Cat Called Trevor

  1. Oh thanks again for the update Isobel – on “Trevor” and you! Good luck to you with the freelancing… for it involving writing that’s good to hear because you are a fantastic writer.

    Hugs, Pam

    • Thanks Pam.
      I shall be keeping you up to date on Trevor’s progress whenever I hear anything. He has a pretty face, those almost symmetrical markings on his nose and ears, and I hope someone will offer him a new home when he is ready.

    • I like the word adventure. Living should be an adventure where we constantly learn and explore. I do think we have careers advice all wrong. I may end up stacking shelves and writing to entertain myself. So long as education is seen primarily as a route to employment, and employers see schools main responsibility as equipping pupils with a skill set for jobs that already exist, I think we fail all round. People get directed to narrow choices and wind up at thirty feeling trapped. My neighbours design video games. That certainly wasn’t on the list of suggested jobs when they were at school, and have you ever heard of a careers officer advising someone to train as a sommelier?

  2. Does this mean there will be a professional services website soon or will you only cater to bespoke writing for a select clientele? Oops, that sounds a bit too much like Fingersmith. Wishing you and the cat going by the name Trevor the best in your next endeavor

    • Interesting question. I had not thought of a bespoke website. Maybe I should. Do you have any advice? Do email me directly if you do. I will write for (almost) anyone who pays me in my journalist hat. So if you know of anyone who would like to commission me, do please put them in touch! 🙂

  3. Good move and good luck, Isobel! 🙂 Whatever happens, and I wish you true fulfilment in your writing endeavours and I hope you will be happier. Life’s too short to be ground down. Illegitimi non carborundum!

  4. The name Trevor is growing on me, even more so now that I’ve heard the explanation. I once saw a kitten tossed from a car as it went by on the highway. He came home to live with me, and in the beginning I was told he had lost the ability to move or feel his tail. The vet didn’t think it’d get better but it did. He lived a long and happy 12 years with my family. I hope Trevor finds his family soon too.

    Good luck with the changes at work. It’s always a risk to change employment, especially without the certainty of a regular paycheque. Kudos to you – I hope you find what you are looking for in your career.

  5. No cone of shame for Trevor! Thank the heavens.. 🙂 You know I am wishing you luck Isobel. Your beautiful words should be shared. I would think once you got out there your words would be in demand.

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