Late Night Reflections

Bedtime calls, but I am sitting on the sofa with the IPad and MasterB has taken over the armchair after a fair fight with some string. He has a gorgeous new basket, but so far has done little more than sniff at it. No updates about Trevor. He is at the Cattery, being fed a diet to control his sensitive tum and no doubt loving the heat lamp, comfy bed and attention. When the rain lashed down last night I was so pleased he was safe and warm.
Two people have responded to the posts about him to offer money for his treatment. Isn’t that wonderful? A cat you don’t know, will never meet, will benefit from your generosity. The power of the Internet – thanks Tim Berners-Lee – is truly amazing.
For all the horrific stories about animal cruelty and neglect there are humans who do redeem our species. Kris celebrated happy animals rehomed in her blog yesterday. We need those stories of hope to motivate and inspire us in the face of the bleak reality faced by so many animals. Lorely and her friends are taking practical steps to improve animals’ lot. You may need a stiff whisky to get through this post, but believe me, it’s worth it. I left a comment, but it is not there. Blogspot is like that sometimes.

MasterB is a rescue cat. My friend Octavia has the gorgeous Mami who also had a false start. Kris adores Timmy, who is not the cat she thought she wanted, and of course Madame Fang is Steve’s baby. Mami and Fang were still kittens when they were rehomed, but Timmy and MasterB had passed the appealing infant stage. However if you tried to prise them from from us, we would put up one hell of a fight.
What I am trying to say is, if you want a cat, it doesn’t have to be a kitten. Believe me, I could not love MasterB more if I had been present at his birth. Kittenhood is short. A cat’s life can be long, and every day is a blessing.
Thank you to everyone who has wished Trevor well. His survival is a symbol of what we can do the address the wrongs humans inflict daily on other species.

6 thoughts on “Late Night Reflections

  1. My rescue started as a kitten and is now 14 years old. I agree with you. I’ll take the mature cat with periodic moments of craziness over a kitten any day.

  2. thanks for sharing the link to Timmy’s guest post, Isobel & MasterB. although i generally prefer not to adopt kittens since they seem to get adopted quite readily, quite honestly i would have preferred a younger cat, one about two or three years old for selfish reasons – wanting a cat that would be around a long time. but as you say – every day is a blessing and Timmy at 7-1/2 years old is a keeper. 🙂

    • Maybe Timmy will live to a ripe old age and keep his health. I was horrified when Cat turned twelve and people started saying he wouldn’t have long left. As it was he was around seventeen when he died. Getting a kitten is no guarantee the cat will live to twenty. You may have as long with a mature cat in the end.

  3. Chairman Meow was a rescue cat too. We don’t know his history but much of his behaviour, especially in the early days, suggests he didn’t have a good start in life. Adopting an orphan cat isn’t always easy – there’s been plenty of blood, sweat and tears along the way – but it is the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. As you say, there are so many wonderful cats, not just kittens, who need a good home.
    Looking forward to hearing how Trevor’s getting on – we’re all on tender hooks here hoping he makes a speedy recovery – and also to reading more about your big plans. Sounds exciting.
    All the best

    • Trevor is seeing the vet again this week. I hope to have more news after that, but I understand he is getting on very well, would eat for England if allowed, and has quickly learned the sound of the back door opening may mean food. So when he haers it he hurls himself into his run and starts meowing. Ann from the cattery says he wants to be with them all the time, so the problem is getting him to stay in his run and house.
      MasterB has started going outside again and I am having a bit of respite from constant litter tray changing. 🙂

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