The January Cat

I do hope Trevor ends up in a good and loving home, but for the sake of MasterB and litter tray changing duties, I am very relieved he is no longer living in our garden.
MasterB is outside right now, maybe with Scally and Wags. They were all playing last night. Wags is still very nervous of me and bounds onto and over the wall as soon as I appear. Scally runs, climbs the wall and then watches me from the safety of height. Because of this shyness, I don’t really know what they do. It is after all dark shortly after half past four in the afternoon these January days.
Yesterday morning I heard MasterB crying outside. I was about to go and rescue him when, looking out of the window, I realised he was talking to Scally who was on the wall. A momnet later, he had leapt to her level and, like a rather over enthusiastic Romeo, was marching towards her. She hopped over into the garden the other side of the wall and he followed.

He seems to find these times with the girls exhilarating and they inspire him to rough play. With me. My arm gets attacked. It’s playful rather than aggressive, but not always comfortable. What have they been playing? Let’s Pretend We’re Man-Eating Tigers? I shouldn’t be surprised.
I suspect that my offers of dangled string and bits of silver paper to chase seem rather tame in comparison. Still, we manage fairly frequent episodes of gentle play.

I am hoping for an update on Trevor soon. Fingers crossed he wont have to have an op to sort his injured legs, and I am dying to know if he gets on with his new neighbour. This cat was taken in last week for rehoming. I have no idea what he looks like, what he is called or how old he is, but I should love to meet him. He come from a multi cat household. He was one of five cats, but decided the others were superfluous, and made them all live in the garden. a cunning plan which backfired, as he is now the one needing a new home. But what a character.

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