Dogs and Dementia

I had no intention of posting today. It has been busy and I am behind with things. But I got a message from the Alzheimer’s Society and noticed one of the threads was to do with dogs. I have banged on many times about how visits from dogs brightened Mother’s day.
No signs of dementia when she was patting and admiring dogs big and small. One of my favourite pictures is of her with Sophie the German Shepherd. Just look at that smile!

Read these heart warming stories, and if you know a dog lover living with dementia but without a dog, and you could visit them with your dog, please, please make the time.
Thank you

8 thoughts on “Dogs and Dementia

  1. I had a serious head injury in my late teens. I was in a coma for a few weeks, and then delirious for about a month after I woke up. For a while, they thought I would be permanently brain damaged and remain with the demeanour of a 3 year old. Even so, I starting asking about my pets and wanted to see them on the day I woke up. The animals were my focus, a big incentive to get better and no doubt my therapy. I am a strong believer in therapy pets; not just because I love animals, but because I give them a lot of credit for my own recovery.

    • What an amazing story. I think we underestimate the strength and power of our relationships with animals. V interesting series on BBC currently Inside the Animal Mind.
      Glad you recovered!

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