Down on the Foreshore in February

To be honest, when the alarm went off this morning before the day had woken, I was tempted to roll over and go back to sleep. I am so glad I didn’t. January finished with two days of rain, then yesterday as February began, the sun came out. It has been such a beautiful weekend. I was working Saturday morning and enjoying being under blue skies. Even gloved, my fingers were chilled. Today, I added another layer and headed off to Greenwich to meet some people from Thames21 for a stroll along a stretch of foreshore normally not open to the public. I was much too early and enjoyed a mooch about before many tourists arrived. Greenwich is full of set pieces, and never fails to delight. It is also full of dogs being walked by their owners and as such presents lots of opportunities to meet new canine chums. That in itself would be enough to justify the house prices in my opinion.
Thames21 has a photographic competition running with the National Maritime Museum. It closes tonight. The theme is London Waterways, and it’ll be judged on composition, technical ability and originality. I think it is free to enter, and if it is, I shall send a picture in. I don’t think I have taken anything exciting or technically competent enough to win, but it’d be nice to take part.
I shall choose one of these. Which do you think it should be?

I would have entered this one had been properly in focus had it been properly in focus. it is definitely my favourite.P1150028
One of the Thames21 people told me that it only takes 2mm of rainfall to flood London’s sewers and cause them to overflow into the river, so we should avoid using washing machines, flushing the loo, taking baths and showers when the rain is lashing down. She told me this after explaining that the seagulls I was admiring in a distance were feasting off sewage that was coming out of a pipe.


8 thoughts on “Down on the Foreshore in February

  1. I love the one with the gulls at the end of the chain, with one gull about to take wing, lovely little wavelets in the foreground. It says to me: There is freedom from the chains of this material toil. At the outset of the journey, excitement and potentiality; at the end, fly free. Never mind if those “rats of the air” are eating sewage. Nobody else has to know!

  2. Difficult to choose, but my first choice would be no 9 and my second no 6. Good that you’ve been out in the sun – we enjoyed a stroll in Burgess Park. x Celia

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