A Cat Called Trevor Update: So Handsome!

I am about to dash off to Octavia’s for some chat and to see her her mother, who is visiting. However, I had to post this first. Just look at how healthy and handsome Trevor is now.What a warm and fuzzy moment just looking at his picture.
In case you have forgotten, this is how he looked at the beginning of January.

Cleaning the plate

Cleaning the plate

A thin and hungry boy. It appears he is still hungry. But his sores, and her’s a picture of one of them after he had begun treatment,
are healing well. So he’s up for rehoming.
You can read all about him here.
Let’s hope he ends up in a fabulous new home soon. And hats off and respect to Hamilton’s Cat Fund for looking after him so well.

16 thoughts on “A Cat Called Trevor Update: So Handsome!

    • He has had a lot of good will from people and he seems to have responded immediately to affection, showing trust first in me, then to the Cattery. Apparently he behaved well at the vet’s too.

    • Oh Sabina I haven’t kept up with your news. I am so sorry.
      Cats are a terrible tie, but they are also great company. MasterB brings me enormous pleasure, pleasure which outweighs any inconvenience. But you are right not to walk into pet ownership without thinking about it.

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