And Now For Some Good News – Gorgeous George Update

If you have followed my blog since 2012, you may well remember Odysseus Ginger Biscuit, the stray cat with an uncanny resemblance to MasterB who would come and go. The two boys would hang out in the garden, as like as two peas in a pod to look at, but with very different life experiences and outooks. Ginger’s time on the streets that had lasted at least two years of his young life had scarred him in more than body. The vet put him at about the same age as MasterB, but play was a foreign land, and he had a sad face and took a serious approach to life, scavenging where he could, snatching biscuits and naps inside people’s houses as an univited and unwelcome guest. His coat had a greasy feel, probably as a result from eating leftovers from abandoned takeaways.
Then, I managed to get him to the cattery. They had him neutered, and his good looks landed him a home in Kent. We kept our fingers crossed that it would turn out well. I wrote about it here. I haven’t seen any pictures of him since the first few days in his new home. They looked pretty promising, I posted them here.

But tonight that changed. I knew that Odysseus was now Gorgeous George, and that he had a Facebook page. I still don’t have the address, but this is the latest picture that has been posted on it, sent to me courtesy of the cattery.

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George

Look at that coat, at the wellfed, relaxed, languid, complete catness of him lying in his rightful place in the middle of the sofa. I couldn’t have wished for more for him. Though a picture of him sleeping comfortably on a warm lap, or indulging in kittenish play would be the icing on the cake.
Thanks to the cattery, and thanks especially to the family who gave him a chance and were patient while he settled in. I know they think he’s wonderful. I think they are too, and I bet George would agree.
Come on someone, give Trevor, Ditto and the other cats being looked after by the cattery a chance as well. Find out about them here.

7 thoughts on “And Now For Some Good News – Gorgeous George Update

    • Funnily enough, when I looked back at what i had written before, I had said that I looked forward to him sleeping comfortably on the sofa. Perhaps he heard me. He has certainly struck gold. I understand Ditto now has a home, and they are seeing if it works out. Nothing about Trevor yet, and I am surprised the kittens are still available.

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