Signs of Spring and Spam in the Reader

Our parks and gardens are starting to colour up; snowdrops, crocii, daffodil buds and hyacinths. There are shoots on the shrubs that have been leafless since autumn. I glanced out of the window this morning and the tree was full of goldfinches. I grabbed my camera and got a very poor picture. Here it is:
If you look closely you’ll see two of them. I reached for my other camera but they must have noticed my movements close to the window, and by the time the lens cap was off, they had flown away.
It seemed a bit unfair. MasterB was watching them from the sill and they didn’t flap a wing. Yet who out of the pair of us would be more likely to attack?



Now to another issue. I am not on WordPress a great deal at the moment, and I rely on Reader to help me get up to speed with some of may favourite pages. Has anyone else found Reader full of posts by people they haven’t heard of? People who post prolifically? Post after post after post by people you haven’t signed up to folow and don’t want to follow? I even had some porn in Reader the other day. I confess I give up after a while. Time is hort and precious. It seems weird. WordPress is so good at spotting spam comments, so how does this get through their filters? Can anyone suggest what to do?

14 thoughts on “Signs of Spring and Spam in the Reader

  1. Sorry Isobel but I don’t use the Reader……I get occasional spam on Sam’s blog but just delete it when it arrives. Sounds weird to me though that you’re getting things there that you have not indicated you wish to follow!!


    • I am realising that it is not just stuff I haven’t asked to follow, but people I have followed are not appearing. The former seems to be sorted. The latter may take a little longer.

  2. I don’t get that issue with the reader, but I wouldn’t put anything past WP changes. I’d give up trying to contact them and find the forum and look for people with a similar issue and comment on that thread. Hope that helps.

  3. I have had a ton of spam the last month….I wrote to WP and so far no reply…I asked if I need to change a setting or? My spam is in the comment page…if I do not check the spam folder a few days, I will have 100 spam comments….never had them before and now….btw, Playboy is adorable and yet so very majestic:)

    • I get spam on the comment page, but this was different ( it seems to be sorted now) and I wondered if there had been some hacking going on so that certain posts appeared in Reader pages when they had not been subscribed to. Nice to see you, and come to think of it, I don’t think you are appearing in my Reader, which suggests that you have been unsubscribed. I shall amend that.

  4. Handsome boy! and thanks for sharing your signs of Spring. We need them!
    Don’t know what to say about the spam but I would definitely drop a word to WORDPRESS>
    REallly takes the pleasure out of reading blogs.

    • The signs of spring are very welcome here. We are experiencing such rain. So many homes have been flooded, businesses ruined. The poor farmers. It doesn’t look promising for the year. And all the government is saying is that the rivers will be dredged. No major attempt to tackle global warming and climate change. It is awful.
      On the bright side, my Reader problem seems to have gone away. Only posts by people I recognise tonight.

  5. I don’t use the Reader, I like to visit each of the blogs I follow. I get an email alert that someone has posted and I click on over when I can. I am tired of people(?) following me that are advertising junk and couldn’t care less about reading my posts. I can’t figure out what good it does to follow me. How nice you are seeing buds!

  6. I don’t use the reader much…though I have loaded it on to my kindle for if I am away from the laptop…maybe you should post about this in the support forum and see if anyone else has this problem

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