Rosie and Trevor, the Black and White, and White and Black Cats

I took a couple of pictures of Rosie tonight, but I am not pleased with them. Maybe tomorrow. I should be home from work earlier, so with a bit of luck, it’ll be a bright day, I have not checked the forecast, and I’ll be able to capture her in her black and white glory. I am really enjoying getting to know this cat. It’s not my house, so once the bowls are rinsed and her food is placed, I don’t have any responsibility. I take my book, so I can be relaxed around her, and take my cue from how much interaction she wants for how long I stay. Celia is helping me with the meds, and it is getting easier. Rosie doesn’t like it, but she is less alarmed now.
I had news of the white and black cat Trevor today too. He has had another visit to the vet. His sores are healing well and he has put on 1.5 kg. that is pretty impressive in five or six weeks. His tummy problems are settling, and he eats as much as he can get his paws on.

So far, no one has offered him a home, but it seems the vet has fallen for him and would love to have him. Alas she can’t. He is relaxed at the vet’s. Now how unusual is that? And today had a good explore of the treatment room, managed to open the bin, which did surprise him.
Selfishly, I should love someone I know to rehome him so that I can get updates. But the important thing is that he gets a good home soon. I wonder if Rosie’s owners might be interested in a second cat? Maybe not.
Again my thanks to the people who follow this blog who donated money to the Cattery to help pay for Trevor’s care. We shall all keep our fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “Rosie and Trevor, the Black and White, and White and Black Cats

  1. Perhaps Trevor could take up residence at the vet’s surgery? Our local vet had an office cat who was a combination therapy consultant for the people and blood donor for the patients.

    • I said the same thing to the Cattery. The vet who owns the practice (not the vet who saw Trevor) used to live in the flat above it and her cat Ginge accompanied her to work. He was a gentle giant. Since then, none of her cats has had the temperament to be a practice cat. The only thing is, she might have to dye Trevor’s coat as she calls the practice the Home of the Ginger Cat. MasterB features on her literature.

  2. Trevor just has to find his right person Isobel! Has to. Someone that will love him, respect him and do that for the rest of his life. He deserves that security. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to your pictures of Rosie!

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