Of Champagne, Crochet, Cat Home Wreckers and Hotel Rooms

There was a crash in the predawn. It was loud enough to get me out of bed. MasterB had knocked my wind up radio (one of the items identified as essential should London flood) onto the floor and it looks less than happy. I thought it didn’t work any longer. When Celia came round she looked into its innards, which is somehow a bit like looking into a brain, though neuro-surgery is hardly my field. She wound it up and hey presto, Radio 4 filled the room. I may have to cover it with clingfilm to stop it clogging up with dust, but should the rain continue to fall and London become the new Venice, I shall have my radio.
Other noises off before my alarm sounded were less disturbing. I noted them and went back to a sleep that had not been completely vanquished. Breakfast time revealed the photos in the sitting room were all flat on the table. The rug was a blue muddle. All the work of my own little home wrecker, MasterB. It’s good to know he is full of energy and vim, and as people describe my home as homely and lived in, it is hardly as though I have hotel standards to keep up. Though maybe MasterB fancies himself as a feline Keith Richards, a rock ‘n’ roll wrecker of rooms. I’ll watch out for the receding hairline diguised by a scarf, and strange objects hanging from his fur.

Actually one of my neighbours does have a flat that looks like a hotel suite. I hate it. When you first go in, it seems great, but after a few minutes it feels sterile, devoid of personality, which is quite good in a hotel room, but not in a home. I feels as though no one does anything there.
I’ll be in a hotel myself tomorrow night. It is the twenty-fifth anniversary of my professional association, so some of us are off to Reims to drink champagne. A tough life, but somebody has to do it.
MasterB will be looked after by the lovely neighbours. Barbara is already planning to spend evenings in the flat with her crochet to keep him company. Ioannis says he’ll stay home as I don’t have a television. I do, but compared to theirs mine is a postage stamp.
It was my last day of feeding Rosie. I still didn’t get great photos, but this is the best.

Rosie in the Garden

Rosie in the Garden


25 thoughts on “Of Champagne, Crochet, Cat Home Wreckers and Hotel Rooms

  1. Oooh – Rheims and Champagne – the two do, or course, go together!! How lovely. Lovely cathedral too, I seem to remember. Have a wonderful weekend! Maybe, with crochet and yarn on the premises, Master B will find that he can knit quite well, too! You could come home to quite a muddle.
    Wind up Radio 4 sounds too good to be true!

    • I have not had the feedback on MasterB’s crochet skills. My knitting days came to an end with Cat who did not think it was a spectator sport…
      The champagne evening was very good, most informative, and followed by a good meal.

    • I am hoping you don’t mean a follow up where I detail further damage done to my home by MasterB?
      Reims was more interesting than I expected, but the cathedral, though beautiful, is like a museum. I don’t know if services are held there, I could see no details of any. No sign of any clergy, and it felt a bit odd. I am at Westminster Abbey a great deal, and that is a bustling, working church, full of life. An interesting contrast.

      • Erm, no! 🙂

        I have to admit I was so bowled over by the architecture of Reims Cathedral that I didn’t really notice the lack of non-tourist activity but I think you’re right. Hope you were able to watch the very good light show on the Cathedral front. 🙂

        • Not so much non-touristy, there was a fairly constant stream of guided groups while we were there, but the lack of life in the place. It has made me fell more positive about disused churches and chapels being turned into homes. Not that I am suggesting that Reims cathedral should become luxury flats, but perhaps they should use it as a regular place of worship, and not just let it become a beautiful shell.

        • Yes, I agree. I hope that’s happening at La Sagrada Familia now too. I’d love to go back and see it when it’s finally finished.

        • In the past, communities had much more robust attitudes to their churches seeing them as community centres, and used for much more than church services. Someone was saying to me the other week that it was when church halls were built that we began to be more precious about the space inside the church.

        • That must be true, although personally I’d rather not see ‘bring and buy’ sales in the nave 🙂 The church should always be available for reflection and prayer and that might be compromised if too many community groups use it.

        • St Giles Camberwell has/had car boot sales in their car park! The only church locally where I feel they are too busy welcoming people to allow any private prayer and contemplation is All Hallows Barking by the Tower. Though again, I might be out of date. The abbey has St Faith’s chapel set aside for private prayer. Anyone wanting to use it asks the marshals at the west door and can go through to it. It is in the south transept, just off poets’ corner.

  2. i was about to say i hope you had a great time away, but from your replies made to comments here, it appears you have. home-wrecker. i have to laugh. we also have a little definitely-not-a-fluffy-toy that charges from one end of our home to the other. and he must do this when he is on his own during the day, because our neighbour downstairs has mentioned that there are sometimes noises coming through the ceiling when we are out.
    and occasionally i have noticed a little bump on Timmy’s head, so he is just as ruthless with himself as he is with some of the new-found toys which are not officially toys at all. but i don’t want to get ahead of myself. there will be a post in due course.
    in any case i am glad your wind-up radio is functional. may you never have need of it!

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