Happy Day

Oh happy day. Worth taking a short break from my work to write this. Someone from the charity that helps people with visual impairments is visiting Aunt and helping her gain confidence with her tablet. I didn’t think there could be a silver lining to age related macular degeneration, so this is a lovely surprise. He has been in touch with me, and Aunt’s first goal is to be able to read books on her Samsung. We have been trying for a year to find someone that would assist her. I thought the various groups that work with the elderly would have a team that would guide would be silver surfers. I was wrong. Technology can do so much to help the frail and infirm to keep in touch with others and maintain independence. I was surprised that Age UK, to name one charity, wasn’t pushing harder to encourage the elderly to embrace the internet and email.
Aunt is very pleased. We spoke last night. My ‘phone is at last allowing me to make outgoing calls. Incoming ones are still getting the engaged tone. Apparently there has been some vandalism of cables and BT is working to replace them. I had sent Aunt a postcard explaining why I am currently hard to reach. Her birthday is coming up in April, so I should be able to buy her some books to read on the Kindle app. If only Amazon would pay its taxes here in the UK, I should feel unalloyed delight.
Meanwhile, here in London spring is sniffing the air and announcing its presence. The weather is warm enough to warrant turning the heating off, and some flowers are appearing way ahead of their allotted season. MasterB bounced about the garden while I hung out the washing and took some snaps. We are promised rain tomorrow and Friday, but with today’s blue skies and the gradually lengthening days, that promise of abundance and optimism that spring brings is wonderfully evident.

18 thoughts on “Happy Day

    • Yes,it is all a question of confidence. She is far more proficient than she believes. Having someone practise with her on a regular, frequent basis will, I hope, make all the difference.

  1. I am in love with my kindle…so handy for everything Isobel. When I go somewhere I no longer have to take a laptop as the kindle can cover it all just about, and is so small…Master B is looking good

  2. Glad your Aunt is getting help with her tablet. And I love the picture of the laundry on the line! I have pansies in my header. I know it’s early but I needed to see flowers instead of a wintry bird house.. 😀

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