Communication Difficulties

First it was WordPress filling Reader up with posts by people of whom I had never heard; then my landline went on the blink giving the engaged tone when I called out, and when people called me. I checked online, thank goodness the Internet still worked, and found there had been some vandalism, and repairs were underway but with no certain date when they would be completed. By midweek I could call out, but it was only Thursday when I started receiving calls again.
On the bus home I settled myself to clear old text messages from my ‘phone. There were rather a lot, and I felt pleased with my housekeeping, but not for long. A couple of hours after all the deletions, I got a message to say my message box was full and incoming messages were being rejected.

I had kept some messages, mostly from the time when Mother was dying. I have one series of messages with my nephew recording how she is, and including photos, that I want to keep. But today I think the time has come to email them to myself, then transfer them to a document, recording the date and time of each message in the conversation, print and store them in the box of things I have kept from Mother’s last days. Even if this doesn’t allow me to receive incoming messages, I shall know that these are safe. Sometimes I almost yearn for the days when snail mail was the norm, and communication by ‘phone a luxury kept for after six and at weekends.

27 thoughts on “Communication Difficulties

  1. I have hit the text message buffers in the past and typed them all out. A few went missing but I preserved the majority. These days I don’t get so many, which I feel a relief about, as it was a lot of hard work.

  2. Check if there’s a way you can do it online through the Cloud for your phone. You may still want to download and backup separately but it might save you a bit of work xxx

    • Read this too late, but it would be worth finding out for future ref. To my mind, one problem with smart phones, and much else in he digital world, is that you get this amazing piece of technology and next to no information about what it can do. Bring back user manuals that you don’t have to download!

  3. No cell phone, or text messaging here. I suppose, if not for the internet, I’d be deemed a digital recluse. Digital cameras don’t count and that’s my story to which am sticking.

    Last week, due to a bazaar series of events, I had a sizable chunk of 30 years of my work (my real job) lay in digital purgatory when the firmware in a hard disk storage gave up the ghost. Thankfully, a recovery service saved the data, the gods where smiling down upon me. It does make us ponder this new world we live in -if it is worth being cherished, then one has to be protective and vigilant to insure it remains around for years to come, not just for a day or week or month.

    • The joy of digital is also its downfall. Easy to store and spacesaving in small homes, but we are losing our family records, those odd bits of letters and photos that somehow have survived, stored in old shoe boxes and handed down from one generation to the next. Hence my decision to print these messages. However, I now find a need a new colour cartridge…

  4. Oh I so agree with the joy of written correspondence. Mind in this time it would cost us a fortune – have you seen the price of stamps!

  5. I got a new digital phone last year…and I hate that there is no manual [physical] to refer to as you try to figure out how it all works. You are not the only one getting posts in your reader from people you don’t follow. It is going the way of facebook. My timeline is so filled with posts from people I don’t know I miss the important stuff from friends and family.

    • That’s exactly waht happened to me. I have been spending less time on WordPress anyway, and it really put me off. I am not on Facebook, but thanks for the warning!

      • It sucks…because I like using the reader [now I finally found it]. You can scroll through whereas before I had to save every blog, then check each page…but I am getting mightily fed up with FB…trouble is it is really great to use to keep up with friends & family far away. Might have to look in to Google a bit more.

  6. Isobel so true about the manual! For my iPhone I head to Sharechair’s blog where I get help and then I can get an answer to almost any question about my phone by googling. I have a FB account but I use it only to access two people who foster Mama cats and their kittens on Livestream. Not a big fan of FB. I just opened up an Instagram account and I am enjoying it. It takes alot of motivation for me to get something up on the blog. I have been running out of steam with blogging for a long time now.

    • Oddly, I am waiting for a call from the company with whom I have my mobile phone contract. They called me earlier to say I am due a new ‘phone. I do fancy an iPhone, but they are quite pricey.

  7. I would have written sooner but my internet was down due to the rain (!) we finally got. Be grateful your internet is buried deeper in the real earth or better positioned up above. Either is a state we should aspire to and seldom achieve.

    • Fortunately when the Internet does play up, I still have 3G on the iPad, so can usually make some, if limited contact. Every now and then despite having a strong signal I get a message o say I am not connected to the Internet.the same is constant with my television. Is ginned up to something which me ant I would get iplayer on the rev but it only worked for a week and I lack the stamina to go through all the instructions I found othe Internet. There always seems something much more interesting to do.

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